Apr 10, 2012

Free Dating Websites

In these troubled financial times, you’d have to be a few raisins short of a fruitcake to pay good money for something you can get for free. Yet sadly when it comes to online dating there are thousands of people forking out large sums of their hard earned cash each month because some dating website has told them that it’s developed some clever algorithm that practically guarantees they’ll find love.

Unfortunately what these poor love seekers often don’t realise is that it’s in the interest of subscription dating sites to actually prevent their users from finding the partner of their dreams – after all, happy couples don’t tend to spend large sums of money on dating sites each month (and if they do then they’ve obviously got a pretty unconventional relationship).

The simple fact that subscription based dating companies don’t want you to know is that there’s now a large selection of free dating websites that offer pretty much all the features and benefits of subscription dating services for none of the cost.

The great advantage of free dating sites is that there really is nothing to lose – even if you pick one of the lesser free sites on the market and you fail to meet anyone even vaguely close to your image of the perfect partner, the only thing you will have lost will be a bit of time. But choose the right free dating website and you’ll quickly find yourself reaping the benefits with no disadvantages.

One of the better free dating website out there is Mamboo.com, because it offers a wide range of functions and features that allow you to use it in a flexible manner that suits you. When you sign up to Mamboo you won’t be asked to fill in endless questionnaires or undergo any matching procedures, because the site operates on the idea that you know what you’re looking for in a partner much better than it does. Instead, Mamboo users can search through the half a million plus user profiles on the site and use filters such as location, age and appearance to find people in their area with similar interests.

Signing up initially is easy, especially if you’ve got a Facebook account, and the site only asks for a few details such as date of birth and location before you log in. That’s not to say that your profile on Mamboo needs to be limited, indeed the site offers one of the most feature rich interfaces on the market – you can add pictures to your profile, write a blog or online diary that other users can read or join one of the many groups the website offers for people with specific interests. The site also offers users the ability to text and video chat with other users, a facility that not only makes meeting for that first date a little less daunting, but also lets you know that the user you’re talking to is real and active, not some computer generated or dormant account.

The range of features and numbers of people using free dating websites now means that there’s simply no need to pay to find love anymore, but if you are one of those people who still insist on paying to use a dating service, you might also be interested to know that I’ve got a friend in Nigeria who’s recently won the lottery and needs someone to help him claim the money.…

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