Apr 18, 2012

Creating Your Party Supply Checklist

No matter how big or small the party, it can be very stressful to prepare for it. There are so many small details to remember and the needs of so many people to think about that you really do need to plan everything down to the last detail so that your party goes off without a hitch. For party-planning success, the key is to be organised and start early. The following tips will help to make sure that you have all the important things on your party-supply checklist.

Food and Drink

Having food and drinks that everyone will like is probably the biggest challenge to party planning, but is also the most important. You should start planning the menu well in advance, and then separate each element into what you can make ahead of time and what you will have to make on the day of the party. Remember that you will need appetisers, salads, a main dish, a few side dishes, dessert and finger foods just in case people get hungry again later. Drinks are much easier because they can be purchased well before the day of the event and kept in storage. You should have a good supply of alcoholic beverages including beer, wine, liquor and spirits, as well as a few good mixers. Don’t forget to get a good supply of non-alcoholic drinks such as soda, juice, water and sparkling water. For the evening, prepare an assortment of coffee and tea.

Serving Supplies

Almost as important as the food itself, the right serving supplies are absolutely necessary for a successful party. If you are organising a very large event, you may want to consider hiring a caterer, or at least some
catering equipment to make your life easier. To serve the food, you will need serving bowls, platters, ladles, trays and bread baskets, and for people to eat the food, you need a good supply of plates, bowls and cutlery. For drinks, you will need a variety of cups, mugs, pitchers, a coffee maker, cream and sugar holders, stirrers, straws, beer mugs, wine glasses, champagne glasses and tumblers.


The decorations for your party will vary depending on what kind of party you are throwing. Birthday parties will need balloons, ribbons, a banner and a piƱata, while fancy dinner parties will need decanters, flowers, candles and fancy linen and tablecloths.


There are always some extras that are necessary for making your party perfect, and they largely depend on what kind of party you are throwing. Your local
party hire store can help you out with extra furniture, such as tables, chairs, a bar or a marquee, which is especially useful if you’re planning something outdoors. Other items to consider during your planning include invitations, thank-you cards, party favours, coolers, music, lights and any supplies you will need for party games.

Throwing a party doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you are organised, start planning early, and make a detailed checklist. Then you are all ready to throw the best party ever!
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