Jan 5, 2019

Should You Get Artificial Turf for Your Lawn

One of the quintessentially American things is having a big lush green lawn in front of your home.

The idealized picture in your head can quickly be spoilt, however, when you remember all the time and effort you need to put into maintenance. Mowing every so often, fertilizing, watering…
It seems like a lot of work and a lot of money for something that doesn’t really have a purpose, other than looking good.

However, there is a way to have the looks without all the work and the cost – artificial turf. Landscaping experts at Pacific Dreamscapes share some of their reasons for liking this green alternative.

No More Watering

Once the artificial turf is installed, it will no longer require any kind of watering. Not only will you save yourself a lot of time, but you will also stop wasting water, too.
This is something a lot of environment-friendly organizations warn about – water being wasted to water the lawns, especially in the summer heat, when water can be a scarce resource.

You will need to wash the turf every once in a while, but it uses a lot less water than watering, and it only needs to be done periodically.

No Mowing and Low Maintenance

Another great thing about artificial turf is that it doesn’t grow, meaning there is no need to mow it. It will always be that ideal length and you won’t have to put in the work to make it happen.

However, just like the real lawn, it can still get dirty and need some attention. Still, it’s a lot simpler than with an actual grass lawn. If there are leaves on it, you can use the leaf blower to remove them.

You can’t use a rake, though, since it can damage the turf, but a broom should have the same effect.

It Looks Amazing All the Time

If you live in colder climates, you have to accept that your grass lawn will go through some tough times when the weather gets cold. All your effort to keep it nice and tidy will be in vain because the natural order of things dictates that grass wilts.

However, the artificial turf will not have any of those problems, no matter where you live, it will be bright and green like the grass at its best.


One of the biggest complaints about artificial turf is that it will eventually need to be replaced. Even though this is true, a good artificial lawn will last you for years and years with very little maintenance.

And it’s not even the case of look, don’t touch, either. Artificial turf is used for stadiums for different sports all over the world, and it has proven to be very resilient and lasting.

The same thing you can get for your own lawn – a material that can take a lot of traffic for years to come, requires very little upkeep, and will not fade as natural grass lawns do.

Another problem which people have with artificial turf is that it is made of a plastic material which they believe will fade from the sun.

However, the manufacturers take that into the account when making this material and have made it resistant to the UV radiation which fades regular plastic.

Artificial lawns are gradually being accepted by more and more people. They are the simpler and less expensive alternative to the resource-hungry grass lawns.

As the cost and water consumptions are becoming more and more of a concern, this alternative is becoming more and more appealing to a wider range of people and landscaping professionals.

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