Jan 23, 2019

Four Tips for a Bathroom Remodel

Updating an older home or reworking a space to make it more functional can be a rewarding project for homeowners. Sometimes the best projects are taken out of sheer enjoyment for the change, while others look to improve their home equity. Some of the more difficult renovations involve plumbing and electrical work, and it's not always easy to make it a DIY project. If you are looking to do a bathroom remodel Columbus, check over the following list before attempting any work.

Check Your Plumbing Requirements

Larger drains are less likely to clog, and if you are making adjustments to the shower, you might consider upgrading your plumbing. Most household pipes are run with 1 and 1/2 inch drain pipes, but you can make the change to 2 inches fairly cheaply.

Add or Upgrade Your Lighting

Not all bathrooms are given the warmth and effect of natural light, and older fixtures might produce glare or be too dim. Adding recessed lighting can brighten the room without crowding a small space. Lighting should be functional, but possibly add a dimmer switch to allow for changes in the ambiance.

Increase Your Storage Space

Bathroom storage is often a must-have, yet so few spaces are adequate for the needs of hiding linens, including toiletries, cleaners and other essentials. If your space allows it, try upgrading your cabinet to offer more storage or add one with drawers. If not, consider adding elements such as shelving or a medicine cabinet in a tasteful space to make it easier to keep the bathroom tidy.

Work With the Essentials

If your budget is limited, work on the essentials before anything else. If your shower is in great condition but the floor is not, start with replacing your flooring. If space is limited, choose practical. If you can’t fit both a shower and tub, ask yourself how often you actually take a bath and decide from there. If things are really tight, sometimes a gallon of paint and new d├ęcor is all you need to give a space a fresh look.

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