Jan 28, 2019

How to Take Care of Solid Wood Furniture

A good piece of wooden furniture can last a really long period. As solid wood furniture impact on your comfort, health, and efficiency, a poor material one may alter the quality of your life. Due to this very reason, you’ll want to look for the best piece of wood furniture product that fits, enhances and supports your lifestyle. 

Unfortunately, wooden furniture like all other types of furniture is susceptible to wear and tear. However  with proper care and maintenance, it'll provide a lifetime of beauty and service. At Wood Capitol, we are the solid wood specialist and seek to create long lasting functional furniture masterpieces. Let us share some basic tips that will enhance your hardwood furniture investment.

1.   Daily Maintenance
Even if your solid wood furniture looks strong, time will take its toll. Like any other household item, it’ll look worn out after some several years of usage.
As a natural element, wood is as highly vulnerable as other natural materials. Over the years, your epic furniture will start getting old and become visually unappealing.

Luckily, regular maintenance can help slow down or prevent the deterioration of your furniture. Here are some simple ways to preserve the beauty of your hardwood pieces.

a)  Cover Any Used Surface
Whenever you do something on the wood furniture; you're compromising its quality. As such, cover these areas to protect the wooden surface. 

For instance, place tablecloths on dining tables and felt pads under the lamps of your tables. Also, have coasters nearby to prevent any water ring that may form on the surface.

b)  Prevent Infestations
Bugs aren’t welcomed in your home. Some will eat away and tear apart your house and its furniture.

It’s much easier to prevent an infestation than to remove them. Follow the set fumigation  standards to keep termites and wood beetles at bay before they destroy your furniture. 

c)   Monitor the Climate
Wood shrinks in low humidity and swells during high humidity. All these changes in the environment eventually warp on wood causing your furniture to break.
Buy a humidifier or a dehumidifier to keep your hardwood furniture intact.

2.   Cleaning and Care Tips
No matter how careful you’re, your furniture will still get dirty. Your wood pieces will, therefore, need regular cleaning at regular intervals.

Being too aggressive on your cleaning routine or using harsh chemicals does more harm than good. It may take the shine off or scratch the protective finishing.
Proper care requires the use of appropriate products and techniques when performing any of these tasks.

a)  Dusting
Regular dusting is the best way to prevent dust from settling on the surface. Feather dusters and soft cloths work best, though they don't get the dust out of the air.

A slightly damp terry cloth captures the dust keeping your furniture dust-free for at least a few days.

b)  Cleaning
The finish is resistant to everyday household spills and highly durable. However, wipe out any spills soonest possible to prevent further damages.

For most cleaning process, a soft cloth, warm water, and soap will get the job done. You can use cleaning products, without abrasives for some stricter cleaning tasks.
If using these products, make a follow up with soft cloth and warm soapy water.

3.   Quick Repairs
Wood damage is faster and easier to fix as a good piece of wood is sturdy. However, the biggest challenge is what to use in the repair process.

Surely you want a wood repair kit that rids the damage without compromising the finish. So be sure to use the appropriate tool for the job.


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