Jan 26, 2019

Is It Necessary to Hire Carpet Repair Experts before the Home Inspection?

Before answering the question, let’s talk a bit about home inspection first. Based on  Wikipedia, a trained and certified home inspector conduct examination of the condition of a home that often related with the sale of the property. After the inspection, the inspector will prepare a written report of findings that might point out a list of problems or repairs to look after and give the report to the client.  Both seller and buyer can hire separately a home inspector.
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Commonly a seller hires an inspector before listing the house for sale while a prospective buyer hires an inspector after executing a sales contract. Both can take advantages from the report; a seller will use the report to handle the listed problems at the front and make the home totally ready for display. A buyer will use the report for making informed decisions related to the offered price and final purchasing decision.

So you have decided to sell your home. As we all know, selling a home involves more works and intricate procedures. There are lots of jobs to do before listing your home for sale; one of those is getting a home inspection. It means that as a seller, you have solved the whole problems that listed on the inspection report before the buyers come to see your house.  According to the realtor’s experiences, buyers who know that the house already inspected by a home inspector before and the whole listed repairs have been fixed; they are not in doubt to pay the highest price. It is because most buyers search for homes that well-maintained and ready to move in without hassles.

Let’s back to the question. If you want to appeal high end buyers and get the top market price, you must make the whole parts of your home in top notch condition.  But at first, your home must pass the home inspection. Take your time, do your best to prepare the house thoroughly for inspection; don’t give opportunity to the home inspector to see something malfunctioned, dirty or in messy condition. It is most likely that the inspector will examine many details of your home including landscape, garage, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, doors and windows, flooring, walls, ceiling, electricity, plumbing, roof, home appliances, HVAC system and property structure.

Make sure to clean every room and each item inside.  If you have carpeted floors in most rooms, making it look and smell new again is important. So the answer is a big YES, you should hire experts at trusted carpet repair and cleaning company to do the jobs for you. They will deep clean, restretch the carpet if needed and repair some spot damages.  There is no need to replace the carpet if the technicians still can restore and make it look and smell good. You can use the money for other required expenses to renew your home appearance.   If you have to spend many time, effort and money during this preparation, it is really worth at the end. The most possible results are: passing the inspection, selling your home fast and getting the highest market price!

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