Jan 5, 2019

Best Home Remedies for Cleaning Glass Surfaces

Who says you need to spend a lot of money on cleaning products to get your windows and other glass surfaces sparkling and crystal clear.

Sometimes the best and the most efficient things are actually free so you might find some of the most powerful glass cleaning substance at home. Just look around and you’ll be surprised how many things useful for cleaning the glass surface you already have, and how much time and money you can save by using them instead of the aggressive and often expensive chemicals.

Cleaning experts at White Lilac Cleaning share a few handy, convenient and economical glass cleaning solutions (the pun intended).

Good Old White Vinegar

This is maybe something you already know, but it repeating doesn’t do any harm either – vinegar diluted in hot water does miracles for window, mirrors and other glass surfaces.

This is an old recipe confirmed by the generations before us and it can still be used as an economical, home-made option for cleaning different types of glass. It is no worse than ammonia when it comes to the results, and it leaves no harmful fumes behind.

Unlike ammonia, vinegar is completely safe, harmless and non-toxic and can be freely used around children and pets, not to mention it is far cheaper. So there’s no reason not to switch to it from harmful, irritating and quite expensive ammonia-based products.

If you are concerned about the smell of vinegar which most people dislike, you can add a splash of essential oils which you like. The cleaning power of vinegar and the pleasant smell of essential oils is probably the best combination for window cleaning.

Rubbing Alcohol

This is another cheap and convenient solution which can be used for removing stains throughout the whole household, not just for glass surfaces.
It should be diluted in hot water and used with a microfiber cloth or the cloth particularly meant for window cleaning.

It can do wonders for the glass in your house, even when it comes to the most persistent spots. It leaves no marks nor streaks. It shouldn’t, however, be used on window tent as it will destroy it.

Besides rubbing alcohol, any other transparent spirit with a high percentage of alcohol, such as cheap vodka, might do just as well.

Lemon Juice

This might start sounding like a recipe for a cocktail, with vodka and everything, but these ingredients really are super effective for glass cleaning. Use a combination of the juice from one lemon, or approximately three tablespoons of it, 2 cups of hot water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.

All these solutions, including this one, are best put in a spray bottle. That is probably the most efficient way to apply them. If you are a fan of citrus fragrances, this combination will not only provide you with the pleasure of having the squeegee clean glass surfaces but also of your home smelling magnificently fresh, which can’t really be said for the two aforementioned suggestions.

Dish Soap and Water

Makes sense, right? It cleans the glasses you drink from, so why wouldn’t it work on bigger glass surfaces?

It is, however, very important to dilute it significantly so it wouldn’t leave streaks. It is probably better to use distilled water if possible, in the ratio 2 cups of water, and a few drops of the dish soap.

You can also combine some of the previously mentioned options and add vinegar to this recipe. Instead of microfiber cloth, which is also acceptable, you might want to use old newspapers as they will leave the glass absolutely spotless and streak-free.

Just like the lemon juice, it should also leave your house not just looking clean, but also smelling really nice.

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