Jan 10, 2019

Clean Your Home Office Effectively

Thanks to the high-speed internet and all of the communication apps available, more and more people are working from home, whether part time or full time.

However, that means that they also need a part of the house converted into a home office, a place where they can do their job isolated from the distractions of their own home.
Even though it is a part of the house, the home office is typically very different than the rest of the house, and so is cleaning it.

Here’s what cleaning professionals at Big City Maids had to say about the most effective ways to clean a home office.

Start with the Clutter

No matter how much we rely on computers and online documents, there are always papers around. Some professions, like accountants and artists, are typically even more reliant on paper as the medium they use.

So, when you are cleaning your home office, start there. Go through your papers and make a distinction between the relevant ones, such as receipts, bills, and important documents on the one hand, and the junk mail and other irrelevant papers that you have kept for some reason.

If you can, have all that paper recycled to be kind to the environment, but the most important thing is to get it out of your office and to have it stop cluttering your workspace.


Just like any other part of your house, your home office is susceptible to dust and needs to be dusted every once in a while.

Do this task first, because all of the dust you don’t manage to clean will inevitably fall to the ground, where you can vacuum it or mop it, depending on the type of flooring you have in your home office.

Cleaning the Computer

No matter if you are using a modern, sleek laptop or a clunky old desktop computer with all of its peripherals, your computer will need some care.

First of all, you will need to dust it, just like the rest of the room. If your home office is particularly prone to dust collection, you might want to have your computer professionally cleaned so that it wouldn’t overheat.

Most people don’t resist the urge to snack or even have full meals in front of their computer, no matter if it is a work computer or a gaming/multimedia machine. However, that brings crumbs and greasy fingers dangerously close to the computer.

Even though grease and crumbs are annoying in themselves, there is another, the even bigger problem with that – bacteria.

Some research has shown that the keyboard is among the dirtiest parts of the office, so you shouldn’t take this lightly. Disconnect your keyboard, or turn off your laptop and spray some rubbing alcohol or similar cleaning solution onto a cotton pad or a cloth and gently go over the keys.

Once that is done, use q-tips to clean between the keys, that’s where the majority of the dirt is, anyway. Do the same thing with your mouse and other peripherals you use on a daily basis.

Clean Your Table

The same thing that applies to your keyboard and mouse can be said of your work desk, and even more. You’ve probably spilled a drink or two since you last cleaned your office.

Make sure that you move everything off of the table and that you clean the whole surface.

Vacuum the Office

Finally, when everything else is done, you can tend to the floor. Cleaning professionals always leave the floor for last because all of the other dirt will end up on the floor anyway, so there is no point doing the same task twice.

Naturally, if you have a hardwood or tiled floor, it is better and easier to mop the place rather than use the vacuum cleaner.

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