Jan 29, 2019

7 Ways to Present a Building Project to Your Clients

As an experienced project manager, you will always come up with various project designs. This design cannot be implemented without the approval of the stakeholder, who are the financiers of the project. However, most of the clients don’t understand the design work, which means that you have to present to them and discuss the work so that they can understand. You need to be 100% they know everything that you have prepared so that they can release the money for the project to begin. This is the chance that you get to enlighten the clients about the project process and its deliveries.
Most of the projects are complex, and they may not be understood by people who do not have skills and training in project management. This explains why your presentation is a key aspect of the success or failure of the project at hand. You should note that the success of the whole project depends on your ability to convince and explain to the clients and other stakeholders that what you are presenting will provide results. For clients to release funds, they must know the value of the project, or, if it is a continuing project, clients must see the work done.

All these aspects are achieved through excellent project presentation. Therefore, you should be prepared to present your building project in a manner that will convince them to release the funds and allow the construction works to continue. This article reviews some important details that you should follow if you want to convince your clients that your project plan is feasible. You should review them and use them every time you’re presenting structures to the clients for approval.

1.      Flip Chart
This is a large piece of paper that is usually mounted on a stand. It is commonly used when presenting accurate information that you had already prepared before entering the room for presentation purposes. You can use this method to present your building ideas to your clients because it is flexible. You can carry the stand in various parts of the room for close visibility. Flip chart presentation method is highly preferred because it helps individuals to separate different ideas. Every chart should carry its details such as project cost, project period, and other vital factors that clients need to know.

2.      Paper Handouts
The paper handout is a traditional method of presenting ideas to the audience. It is mostly used in areas where you want to present detailed information. You can use this method of presentation you want your clients to understand every stage of your project. You can present different handouts with each different bearing details so that your clients can easily understand the information you are presenting. You should ensure that you have someone to help you in issuing the handouts as you present. Perform the same duties at the same time could bring confusion and unnecessary movements. Remember that you need to stick to your place and explain every point.

3.      Artifacts or Props
If you have been into an airplane, you have witnessed how the steward presents to you how to use the safety equipment. This is how artifacts and props work. Many individuals have for an extended period used this method of presentation as they present floor plans, architectural designs, and 3D drawings. However, you should make sure that all the people can easily see the images on the artifacts and the props. You should also be prepared to pass it around to the audience in the room who might be interested with a closer look. You might consider concealing large images until at the final stages of your presentation so that your audience can concentrate.

4.      3D Model Presentation
This is the most modern presentation model that most of the architectures and designers are using to present their projects to their clients. 3D models are highly preferred because they show how the actual building will look like when it is completed. If you want your clients to approve and fund the project immediately, then, you need to use the 3D presentation model. You should make sure that you have an excellent visual representation of the 3D model. You can consult Melbourne 3D Rendering Rendersmart for a professional 3D model that will be refreshing and captivating to watch.

5.      Video Presentation
Apparently, the video is another method that you can use to present your building plan for your clients. Over the last few years, people around the world prefer visual aspects as compared to written content. Therefore, the video presentation is a compelling presentation style that will attract the attention of your clients, and they will be able to concentrate on a more extended period. Videos will give you a chance to show sharp visual details that cannot be seen through paper handouts or flip charts. You should make sure that the content of the video is very relevant and that your clients can see what you need them to see.

6.      Overhead Projector Slides
Another cheaper and available alternative that you can use to present a building project to your clients is through overhead slides. Overhead projectors are available in various conference halls, seminars, and even lecture rooms. You can rent one for a day and present your details to your clients with ease. Overhead projectors are useful in presenting specific details about the project. Therefore, you need to prepare the notes and the images to show to your clients. You also need to make sure that information is arranged consistently so that the audience can understand without difficulties.

7.      White Board Presentation
Obviously, it is difficult for you to stand for an extended period of trying to read every detail that you have included in your presentation. Therefore, you should prepare a comprehensive report that will be given to your clients so that they can read the details later on their free time. However, you also need to have critical points written on a whiteboard so that you can read and explain them in details. These points will help you to remember the stage of presentation, and they will help your clients to take notes.

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