Jan 5, 2019

How to Get Your House in Order after Holidays

The holiday season means a lot of fun, love, guests, family dinners, and all in all a lot of time at home. The time of Christmas tree decorations, shopping, wrapping, and opening the presents, cooking and eating a lot.

All this sounds great, most of us enjoy it to the fullest, but once the holidays are over and you look around your house, well, chances are it is going to be a complete mess. Back to reality.

So cleaning, tidying and de-cluttering is what awaits us after the magical holiday season. Take your time, get some good rest after all the celebrations, since you’ll need a lot of energy for the post-holiday big cleaning.

Here are a few tips from experts at Onyx Cleaning Services of Albany on how to survive this less fun part of the holiday season.

Living Room

Take out the big guns first. Meaning, take care of the major rooms in your house first. Living room has probably been the most frequented one in your house, especially if your dining and living room are connected in one.

Start from de-cluttering the space – present wrappings, presents, dishes, slippers, toys if you have kids, and who knows what else. Hopefully, you have big storage capacity in your house as this will make your life a lot easier.

After this, you can get to vacuum cleaning, washing the curtains and bed covers. Of course, if you are super tired and super busy after the holidays, you can always turn to cleaning professionals to do all this for you.


This part of your house probably looks like a crime scene after the holidays. Now that all that cooking is over, you can finally get to cleaning. You probably know by now that clean, clutter-free surfaces are the first condition for a tidy kitchen, so that’s exactly where you should start.

Again, sufficient storage space plays the key role as you need to have where to put all those things. After that, you can move to cleaning, wiping, swiping, and of course, the dishes, if you haven’t taken care of them yet.

Don’t forget the fridge – make sure you take out all the expired food, from holidays, and from before, we know you have it. New Year is a perfect way to start clean in everything, including your food supplies. Take the trash out immediately so it doesn’t create a mess and clutter.


After you do all the laundry, change all the towels and get rid of all the unnecessary trash around your bathroom, you can store the cosmetics if it got all messy and scattered around due to various frenetic preparations for holiday celebrations.

Make sure you wipe and clean everything, including the floors, since this has probably been one of the most frequented rooms in your house, especially if you had a lot of guests. Replace the expendables like toilet paper and soap in time, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Also, if you don’t have enough storage space in your bathroom, now’s the perfect time to do something about it. You can either get plastic drawers, or at least some wooden bow or basket to place all the cosmetics that are used daily. They will be at hand, yet everything will look less chaotic.

Of course, there are other parts of your house, such as the hallway or bedroom that remain to be taken care of. Yet, these three seem to be the biggest challenge requiring the biggest effort. Also, in case you have new guests, these three are the most important ones. So once you’re done with them, take your time, get some rest, and then carry on with the cleaning action.

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