Jan 22, 2019

5 Useful Tips To Improve Your Wardrobe Choices

First impressions are important in the world. It is just how things are. The way you are dressed represents you in front of others and changes the way you feel about yourself as well. Some people are naturally more inclined to dress themselves up while for others it can feel like going into a jungle when the wardrobe doors open. Most of the time, learning to dress stylishly is a matter of experience and good advice. Here is the last from us in these tips that can help you perfect your outer image and be the amazing version that you deserve to be. 
Wardrobe Evaluation

Too often we need improvements with a large wardrobe in which we don't know what to pick out. Take all the clothes out and separate them into two sections. Put the clothes you do not like in one pile and the ones you are neutral towards in another.

Look at the clothing items that you particularly love. You will soon begin to notice that these clothes have something in them that makes you look and feel good. Use a full-length mirror to view yourself with those pieces on you and see what it is exactly what you like about them.

It is logical to say that all the clothes that you hate should be given or thrown away. Anything that has stains or holes on it does not have a place in your wardrobe.

Put on the clothes that you feel neutral towards. Examine yourself in the mirror and decide which ones make you look better and which ones age you. Dispose of the ones that do not contribute to your look.

There will be some pieces of clothing that you will still feel confused about. If you see a potential in the piece of clothing, keep it at a separate section of your wardrobe and decide about it later. Keep a few pairs of clothes that are more neutral as they are good for days that you plan on staying at home.

Find More About Your Shape

In style, there are no bad or good body shapes. There is only successful or unsuccessful clothing combined with your particular body shape. The first step, in this case, is to take your measurements. You have to measure:

     Your breast size at the fullest part of your bust.
     Your waistline where your natural waist falls. This is the part just below your bust.
     Your hip size. This is the part of the hips that is the widest.

When you know which parts of your body you like and which ones you want to cover, pick clothing items that do just that. For example, if you do not like your thighs but you want to still show off your legs below the knee, go for a midi dress that will reveal only what you like about your legs.

Support With Accessories

There could be some pieces in your wardrobe that you are more neutral towards but still have the potential to look great and be practical in your everyday life. Although they might look bland, these pieces can be really spiced up with some good pieces of jewelry. Look through your jewelry to find pieces that really match the clothes you are wearing.

If you do not find anything intriguing, invest some cash in jewelry that you can really feel good wearing. If most of your clothing is neutral colored, you can pick out bright colored jewelry to pick up your image. For more official occasions, you can improve an ordinary clothing item with classic jewelry like diamonds and pearls.

Do not underestimate the power of shoes. A pair of fashionable shoes, whether they are sandals or heels, can greatly change the appearance of your clothing. If you want something that will satisfy a greater part of your wardrobe, pick a pair of heels with a neutral color so that you can wear on a regular basis.

Other accessories that can add to your wardrobe are shawls, hats, scarfs, and belts. Belts are best to be of a solid and neutral color that can go with many clothing items. Make sure that you consider your body proportions when picking a belt. Consider a purse as another great accent to your looks.

Find Your Unique Style

All the clothes purchasing in the world cannot compensate for the lack of clarity as to what your unique vibe is in style. When you go outside, what kinds of styles and people make an impression on you? Make notes of what you find flattering and experiment with those types of clothing on your own self. What part of yourself do you want to express through your clothing? Choose pieces that really match what you are trying to bring out of yourself. You can pick out ideas from celebrities as well as from people that you pass by every day. 

Be Bold

Sometimes the only thing that keeps people from really bringing out their unique sense of style is the feeling that they will be extreme or too bold. Picking up items of clothing that you have always wanted to wear but didn't because of people noticing you will put you out of your comfort zone. Just remember that people will always have opinions about you anyways. Might as well make a strong impression.

Remember that this is your body, and it is your right to be creative with the way you dress. While the beginning may make you uncomfortable, know that with time you will grow into this new style and it will feel natural to you.

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