Jan 17, 2019

Promote Healthy Plant Growth with Professional Tree Pruning

Trees growing close to your home often require pruning to build a durable structure such as a covered patio, clean up the backyard, or maintain the beauty and aesthetics of your abode. Pruning improves tree health when you eliminate diseased branches and leaves. It also helps to get rid of pests and insects infesting the plant. Therefore, if you are contemplating to hire pruning services, opt for trained professionals who use the right tools and know their job. They are experienced enough and know when and how to prune trees to improve their health and keep them disease-free. According to an article published on https://www.washingtonpost.com, if you notice discolored leaves, unusual deposits on leaves or barks, deep and vertical cracks, and a thin canopy, they are indications of poor tree health. All these prove that trees need regular pruning. Here is why:
Plant Growth

Based on a 2009 report published by the UK and Canada University, pruning promotes healthy tree growth. The report was based on in-depth studies related to computational modeling and molecular genetics. Did you know that the various shoot tips help in the healthy growth of plants? Therefore, when you prune the shoot, it helps in the growth of the other shoots as well. A healthy tree also makes your backyard or front garden look beautiful.

Insect Control

A lot of insects, worms, and pests live or build nests on trees around your property. The pests eat the thick foliage and suck up the tree sap from the nearby plants. When insects and pests feed on trees, they make the plants weak, infest them with diseases, and even kill some of the parts if the problems are not addressed on time. You will also find tree worms and insects intruding your home and soon becoming annoying and unwelcome guests. Professional pruning services offered by tree lopping Gold Coast or others is the best way to control pests.

Beautifies the Trees

Pruning dead wood provides more energy to the plants for healthy growth of leaves, flowers, and fruits. The colorful and fragrant flowers will enhance the aesthetics of your home as well as make the trees look beautiful. When you prune trees the right way, it will lead to increased growth of shoots that develop into flowers. A few flowering shrubs have beautiful, colorful stems. Whether it is the stems or flowering blossoms, the petals look stunning with rich shades of red, yellow, orange, blue, violet, or pink. The colors look beautiful on young stems, and regular pruning promotes the growth of these stems.

Tree Health

Last but not least is the removal of unwanted parts of a tree like diseased, dead, decaying, damaged stubs, and branches. Regular pruning improves plant health. You might be wondering why it is so important. Well, a dead stem or stub on trees gives access to pests, making the plant diseased. The disease spreads from one part to the rest of the tree in no time.


Trees need special care to make them and your home look beautiful. So take some time out of your busy schedule and hire professionals to prune trees in the right way for healthy plant growth. 

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