Jan 30, 2019

Clearabee BeeBags: The Advantages

One of the essential tasks within the house is garbage collection. A pile-up of waste can lead to an unsightly environment. While you may already have a primary waste collection plan, a contingency plan is essential especially since the amount of trash you use can increase. Clearabee bee bags is your go-to option if you want a service that has no strings attached to it. Not yet convinced? Have a look at the benefits you gain when you opt for this service.

Same Day Delivery
Isn't it good to know that you can get a garbage collection bee bag the same day you ask for it? If you have visitors and the amount of trash that you have to deal with is overwhelming, then give us a call for instant services.

A Variety of Skips to Choose From
Whether you are working on a simple project, or you have a massive construction going on within your premises, we have you covered. There are an array of skip hires to choose from depending on your waste output. You can select the small, medium, or a large skip hire for whatever items you intend to dispose of. Soil, heavy and light construction waste are some of the items that can qualify for skip hire. However, when it comes to disposing items that may be hazardous to the environment, we offer other options, so be sure to contact us first before placing an order for the trash to be taken away.

Man and Van to the Rescue
In normal circumstances, a skip hire is usually delivered the next day after placing your order, or on an alternative date of your choice. However, we understand that some situations need same day services. As such we offer an option for emergency scenarios like these. Man and van is a same-day delivery option that allows you to get rid of waste the same day you request for these services. What makes this an ideal choice is the fact that the labour is included in the service. So whether you want to dispose your old seats and make room for new ones or you want to replace your fridge with a more eco-friendly one, we will deliver our promise right on time.

24 Hour Delivery Guarantee
Once you place a date for the collection of garbage, we will commence our task immediately. However, in case we do not make it to the venue quickly, do not lose sleep over it since we have a 24-hour delivery policy that guides us. In case you want the bee bags delivered on the same day, you may have to incur a cost for it, but for delivery on the next day, we will cover the cost for the bag delivery.

Safe and Varying Payment Options
Once you decide the kind of trash disposal option that you will go for, making the payment is the next step. We have a variety of online payment options that you can utilise. Our site is encrypted using end to end encryption software to ensure your safety during the entire transaction process. Best of all, we offer affordable prices for our services. A loyalty membership program is also available for individuals who want to save significantly on the costs.

All Round Availability
Now that we understand that an emergency can occur at any given time, we offer our services throughout the week. On weekdays, we extend well into the evening hours to provide room for those who may have a late night inquiry to do so. Also, we take orders from every corner of the country. In case you find us closed, you can book for the services online 24/7 or speak to one of our available customer support team members for clarification.

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