Oct 30, 2013

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Patio Awning?

If you ask the average consumer what their dream house looks like, it's unlikely that they'll stop at the interior. Most of us imagine a large, perfectly manicured lawn and a beautiful patio - the perfect outdoor environment in which to play, relax and hold lavish summer parties. Love for a home tends not to stop at its insides, we adore our gardens we want to make them look special too. 

According to the experts at DoItYourself.com, the popularity of patio awnings continues to grow. It's hardly surprising - they're incredibly versatile and very attractive. Most homeowners use them for shade during the summer months, but they're also a great source of protection from harmful UV rays. Plus, they guard patios against the long term effects of heavy rain, wind and snow. A top quality patio awning can do all of these things, whilst making your garden look stylish and attractive. 

Some patio awnings do come with a few minor drawbacks. Retractable awnings can be incredibly useful, but they also need a little bit more care and attention than fixed awnings. If you own an awning that is powered by an electric motor, you will have to replace the motor sensors at regular intervals, in order to keep the product healthy. 
Even manual awnings have their drawbacks - they're a lot more difficult to maintain than fixed awnings. They can't be retracted or properly stored, so they tend to take quite a beating from the elements. Fortunately, the downsides associated with all patio awnings are actually rather few and far between. If you invest in a good quality product and take care of it properly, it should last a very long time. 

Increased control and flexibility is one of the biggest benefits, when it comes to retractable patio awnings. With a fixed awning, there's very little control - you can choose to have shade, or you can choose to avoid sitting in the shade. Just because you'd like to relax in the garden in comfort, that doesn't mean that you want to be plunged into darkness by a monster of a patio awning. With a retractable awning, there's a much more suitable level of control. 

Plus, they tend to be safer for families with children as they don't come with jutting posts or poles. Nevertheless, it's important to consider the effect that winter weather might have on your patio awning, says EZineArticles.com journalist James Martin. A retractable awning is better suited to all weather situations - it has been designed to fold away neatly when temperatures drop and rain gets heavy. 

In contrast, a fixed awning has got to take everything that the winter weather throws at it. Let's face it, strong winds, storms and torrential rain can play havoc with a patio awning. If you want a product that's going to last for a long time, invest in a top quality awning that will conveniently fold away.   

When it comes to summer, patio awnings can be heaven sent. Research has proved that an awning can actively reduce the amount of heat in your home by up to eighty per cent. A patio awning can't directly influence the top floors of your home, but it can make the air downstairs much cooler. This, in turn, eventually influences the air throughout the whole property. Homeowners can save a lot of money on air conditioning costs, buy investing in a patio awning.  
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