Oct 23, 2013

Tmart Montana Barnwood Picture Frame : a Unique Décor Item for Your Home

I was fortunate to get another Tmart product to evaluate. Thanks to Tmart. Although I had a little difficulty since the related post office where I must visit to take the package is rather far from my home; it’s really worth as I was given quality items. The items were very well packaged; I received them in safe and sound.  Here I’ll convey my opinion about  2'' Wide Montana Flat Weathered Reclaimed Rustic Wood Picture Photo Frame 5” x7", a wooden photo frame.
The natural wood beauty. V nails seen on the back of the frame fastened the joints.
I have seen the pictures in Tmart website before, but seeing and touching the frame directly made me surprised. I most amazed with its wood material –so nice to see the natural beauty in fine and shiny finish. From its product description I knew that this beautiful barnwood picture frame is a hand-crafted item made from high quality natural reclaimed wood.  What is more, each frame is the one and only piece since there’s no natural wood with the similar color, grain and texture available. Mother Nature is the real creator and no one can compete that. I think the uniqueness is the most precious value of this decoration item.

It’s a pity that I didn’t see a sawtooth hanger –used to hang the frame- inside my package though Tmart website mentioned one sawtooth hanger should also be included.  Anyway, I still can use its easel back to display the frame on a shelf or table. The easel back seems strong enough and it may support you to stand the frame –vertically or horizontally- without any hassle.  

When placing your favorite photo or picture to display, be careful with those six small metal holders located on the back of the frame. Just for precaution, don’t use your finger tips when lifting them up. They don’t have sharp edges but it would be better to use another tool.  Perhaps they will not hurt your fingers but they have ruined my paper backing. I saw five wrecked spots on the surface of the paper backing. To avoid further damage, I protected all the spots with adhesive tape.

Made from weathered and rustic natural wood, this picture frame can add vintage elegance to your home.  I can tell that it’s a high quality handcraft. I only know a little about woodworking, but I’m able to notice this frame is created by only skilled people. Your photo will surely look good in it; you can attach this elegant beauty into wherever space in your home.  I placed this frame among the other existing frames; it stands out! 
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