Oct 10, 2013

Features of Timber Flush and Storm Proof Casement Windows

Timber windows are recognized for their traditional charm and character. Although they are a common feature on historic and period properties, timber windows tend to look great in every type of home. Some of their key benefits include good thermal insulation properties and beautiful aesthetics.

Flush Casement

Timber casement windows are popular amongst homeowners because of their simple design which complements any type of home. Flush casement windows are very traditional and commonly found on older properties such as historical buildings and homes within conservation areas. The opening casement is an attractive window style that sits flush within the frame, rather than overlapping it. This makes it ideal for keeping the original style of your traditional home. These windows may also be used on more modern homes if you desire the classic look of traditional timber windows, but want the security and functionality benefits of a modern window system.

With regards to design, there is a range of cill, frame thickness and ironmongery options to choose from, not forgetting your choice of timber sash option. Other options include traditional casement stays and butt hinges, or modern high security espagnolette locking systems.

Casement windows feature a mock sash slider that benefits from the dry gasket glazed drained glazing rebates, thereby allowing any moisture to ventilate to the outside. This reduces the risks of warping or rotting. Aluminum bottom beads may be used as a replacement for the traditional bottom beads in areas of high exposure.

Storm Proof Casement
Storm proof casement windows are versatile windows that are easily adaptable to numerous different designs and property types. This window style provides you with the best features of timber, as well as the high performance benefits of a modern window system, with a combination of high security and traditional features. As the name suggests, Storm proof casement provides your home with superior protection against the elements, as a result of the frame overlap that forms a weather proof seal which channels water away from your window.

For a window that is truly bespoke, you may choose from a range of cill, finish, and frame thickness and ironmongery options which are available in addition to your choice of sash options. Storm proof casement windows also feature the ovolo edged sashes and ovolo beads as standard. Other options include the round beads, putty line beads and the square edged sashes.

The incorporation of a dry gasket glazing system with either concealed or sloped drainage is designed to ensure that any moisture that penetrates the glazing seals has an escape route. This helps in the removal of standing water from the rebate, as well as the reduction of the risk of your timber warping or rotting as a result of moisture retention.

Timber windows are available in numerous styles to choose from, to suit the type of home you reside in, as well as your own personal preferences with regards to style. Timber windows may be personalized using different hardware, timber types, as well as opaque and translucent finishes to complement the color scheme of your home.

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