Oct 30, 2013

Things to Keep in Mind while Replacing the Windows of a Heritage Building

When it comes to repairing or replacing any element of a heritage building great caution has to be taken. This is a type of property that is truly unique. What makes heritage buildings so special is their appearance and character. You need to be sure that you don’t lose that. You need to conserve the property as best as possible whilst ensuring you do not make too many changes whereby you lose the personality of the building. It is a bit of a juggling act. If you are contemplating replacing the windows in your property, then this article helps to guarantee that you make the right decision.

Firstly, you have to be certain that your choice of window is not going to detract from the character of the property. This is especially the case if the windows are a crucial architectural feature or are defining of the personality of the building. It is usually recommended to mimic the current style of the windows yet simply go for improved glass and better installation so that you can gain from all of the benefits replacement windows have to offer. The last thing you want is for the property to lose its value and personality because of the replacement you have opted for.

One of the main reasons why people opt for window replacement is so that they can improve energy efficiency. Make sure this is the case. The windows you select must generate a better return on investment. You should be able to reduce your energy bills via several different means. Firstly, your heating bills should decrease because of the fact that there will be less cold coming into the home. Furthermore, you may also reduce your electricity bills thanks to the increased amount of natural sunlight. There is no point getting replacement windows if they do not offer this qualities, thus make sure this is something you bear in mind.

In addition to this, it is also imperative that you select a high quality of wood for your replacement windows. Back in the day, older windows actually utilised better materials. A common option was the use of old growth wood. This is a dense and stable wood that is naturally rot resistant, holds stains and paints well, mills well and is not as attractive to insects. Thus, to ensure you match the current quality of your property and the style as well, you need to be certain to go for a high quality of wood.

Finally, ask yourself if a replacement is actually necessary? In a lot of instances home owners end up replacing their windows when they actually could have benefitted from a repair service instead. This is where professional advice really comes in handy so you may want to liaise with the company you select and ask them whether a repair is an option. After all, traditional windows are made from individual parts. This means that they may be able to repair or replace one singular attribute rather than the whole thing.

If you consider all of the points mentioned in this article you are assured to be able to find the perfect replacement windows for your heritage building. Don’t underestimate just how pivotal this decision is.
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