Oct 10, 2013

Is There Scratch-Resistant Hardwood Floors?

When it comes to improve homes by installing new flooring, home owners have many options offered. Though you have chosen the sort of floor to set up within a room, it can still be hard to select among the styles and designs, but usually the final decision will come up to meet both of your needs and preferences. 

As many people notice, hardwood floors have risen in fame due to its elegance and durability. There’s no one will prevent if you’d like to install hardwood in the living room, the center part of your home. Hardwood can be the nice floor choice because of its elegant natural look which suits whatever home interior theme. The warmth and natural beauty of this floor can improve your living room at once. Combining hardwood floor with rugs will create eye-catching spots in the room!

Doubtlessly, hardwood floor has many benefits to offer, but since nothing is perfect in the real world, hardwood also has some main weaknesses include the potency of water damage, being scratched and stained.  For example, your boots, the legs of chair and table may cause scratches on a wooden floor. When big water spills cause the mold growing below the floor surface, it may leave unpleasant stains. Your pets may also harm your wooden floor with their nails, claws and urine.  Well, is there suitable hardwood floor for homes of pet lovers?

Home owners who also pet lovers would surely like to have scratch-resistant hardwood floors in their homes.  Actually, you can’t find any scratch-proof flooring available but there are scratch-resistant flooring matters that may endure lots of exploitations such as heavy traffic, shoe’s heels, dog claws and scraping table legs.  When talking about hardwood floor that may hold up to possible scratches, there are wood species that harder than others and engineered hardwood floor system which can be the right choice. 

As mentioned before, there are things to consider when finding scratch-resistant hardwood floors.  The harder the wood species will become the better option for sturdy floors that less vulnerable to dents and scratches.  For your information, oak and maple are two hardest of American wood species which most often used for floor covers. Besides the hardness of the chosen wood, the quality finish is also significant to determine the performance of a wood floor over years’ usage.  The experts stated that you should select a wood floor with quality finish such as aluminum oxide or multilayered polyurethane; this sort of wood floor has been engineered to survive normal depreciation.  To attain scratch-resistant value, a harder wood with a specifically engineered finish that will offer highest strength is the right hardwood floor to install in your home!
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