Oct 26, 2013

Floor Tiles for Your Home

Floor tiles such as ceramic tiles can be the right option for home owners who desire to install inexpensive, long-lasting and nice-looking floor.  Being water and stain resistant, though you may apply tile floors almost anywhere in your property, tiling is most often chosen in toilets, bathrooms and kitchens since these areas can be the wettest rooms in your home.

Let’s say that you have decided to choose tile flooring for your bathroom. In this case, Flooring America Vernon can be the reliable floor store where residents live in and nearby Vernon, CT who need to find the suitable tiles for their homes. Whether you search for ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles, the store can surely handle your tiling needs with their wide variety of tile selection that provided in different sizes, shapes, colors and textures.

Tiles are simple to maintain but still you should clean it regularly. For example, ceramic floor tiles are easy to clean because of their non-porous character. Daily sweeping is a great way to prevent accumulating dirt and dust on the floor. To achieve cleaner and shiny tiling, you may mop the tiles with some mild detergent. If you are installing new ceramic tiles, it would be wiser to read and follow the producer’s guidance about the tile cleaning tips. A grey grout should be your choice for the tile grouting since the grouting in neutral color may show dirty the least.
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