Oct 17, 2013

Reliable Basement and Foundation Repair: Kansas City Specialists Keep Homes In Excellent Condition

Sometimes, no matter how much you strive to ensure that the place you call your home is as safe and sturdy as possible, there are factors that can affect its integrity and put you and your family at risk down the line. For instance, you could have gotten as involved as you could during the house's construction phase to make sure that only top quality materials and building processes are used to erect the property, but you overlooked one small detail: You chose to settle in the Midwest.

In this specific geographical area in the United States, there is an abundance of soil types referred to as clay soil. And while there are different kinds of clay soil, it generally has expanding and contracting properties. This can be bad news, especially if it happens to meet extreme weather patterns and insufficient drainage conditions; these events can cause a house's foundations to move up (or heave), down (settle), or inward (bow). When your home begins to show signs of these movements, the important step to take is to contact specialists in foundation repair. Kansas City lists a number of reputable basement waterproofing and foundation repair experts who can properly address your home's problems; below are two important points about foundation and basement repair that are valuable to homeowners in the Midwest.

1. Water in your basement can translate to major damage that will cost you thousands of dollars to clean up and repair. If your house is older and does not have a functional draintile system, if your basement wall has cracks or penetrations, and if there is rising groundwater in your area that cannot be diverted to your draintile system, then your home is at serious risk for basement leaks.

You can nip the problem in the bud by hiring experts to provide basement waterproofing solutions like getting a bigger sump pump, installing a French drain to direct rainwater away from the house, or installing an interior draintile system. But if your basement already exhibits leaks due to cracks, don't fret; repair experts can inject cracks with effective liquid products, install an interior track system, or dig outside the house and install a true rubberized membrane over the crack.

2. Different foundation problems should be resolved with the appropriate actions to prevent further endangering your home. Foundation settlement (the downward movement of the foundation) requires mechanically stabilizing, underpinning and lifting the foundation. Foundation heave (vertical movement caused by expansive soil raising the foundation) can be fixed by installing interior basement water collection systems or replacing portions of the basement slab. Bowed and tilting basement walls require installing a wall brace, conducting crack repair, and tying backs to correct the walls.

It is highly encouraged that you consult and hire experienced foundation repair specialists to help reinforce the stability and safety of your family's home before more signs of damage are detected.

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