Oct 28, 2013

Golden Yellow Soldier and Ondel-Ondel

The yellow soldier is a part of human statue community in Jakarta. Several human statues in different roles can be seen in Jakarta famous public places like Merdeka Square and the front area of Fatahillah Museum. At Merdeka Square, I saw a few soldiers in yellow, blue and red. Visitors may take photos together with them by only donating a small amount of money.  

There’s a row of ondel-ondel behind this human statue. The word ondel-ondel refers to both large puppet and folk performance from Betawi, Jakarta, Indonesia. Ondel-ondel the puppet is about 2.5 meters tall with ± 80 cm diameter, made of woven bamboo. Created in such a way so that it easily lifted by one person from the inside of the puppet. Usually dressed in bright colorful cloths, the puppet's mask face is typically made of wood. An ondel-ondel can either be of the female or male gender. The wooden mask of the male puppet is traditionally painted red or brown, while the female painted white (source:Wikipedia).

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Jim said...

Full-on yellow

Mascha said...

This is interesting! I saw here in our small town in Germany also gold and silver human statues - I was surprised and did not know what it means -

BLOGitse said...

oops, he must feel very hot!
We have similar 'statues' here in Helsinki too. Hard work that is!

Karen said...

Very colourful!

Leovi said...

Yes, a nice photo, very handsome gold soldier!

Anonymous said...

Those who carry off the "human statue" do it so well ... I am sure it must involve a tremendous amount of concentration!!

Daniela Augustka said...

Ohh, living statue, even gold :-) in my city are also living statues.
Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog.

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