Oct 26, 2013

Is a Mirrored Chest of Drawers Right for Your Home?

Incorporating a mirrored chest of drawers into a home is not for everyone. This style adds an element of interest to any bedroom, yet not all bedrooms or homes really work with this style. For anyone that wants to put together an upscale and luxurious look, this can be a great option.

Why this look is so popular

This style can be found in a variety of different lines of furnishings. There are some modern options that have sleek, straight lines and are designed to harmonize with contemporary furniture. While this kind could potentially work with any kind of other styles like French or Hollywood Regency, purists that like those styles might discard it as too bland. These buyers like things with more curves and personality.

French Regency and Hollywood Regency styles have seen a huge resurgence in the last few years. Many of these items reflect the glory days of Hollywood. These lines both feature lots of curved shapes such as on the legs of furniture. It is not uncommon for these items to have the curved cabriolet legs that have been popular for centuries. Many of these pieces feature carved lines and accents along the edges of the piece or on the top.

Sparkle is a big player in these styles and can be carried out several ways. While the mirrored dressers play a huge role, items may also have other sparkling accents such as crystal drawer pulls or other features.

Where to find these items

Sometimes it may be possible to find some examples of this style in local furniture stores if they have a good range of products. The best options are usually found at the specialty stores that carry more unique pieces. These stores often have a range of different sizes and style such as very small ones that can double as a nightstand to larger and taller ones that people may want to show off in a dining room.

Some stores may also matching mirrors that are provided as options. These often have similar shapes or frames that match the dressers and can be placed directly above them.

A few people may want to shop online for these times if they cannot find what they want locally. Many of the better stores that have unique imported furniture have these items. People will often find that shipping for these items is far less than they expect or it is sometimes offered free.

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