Oct 20, 2013

Tigressa and Innovia Carpet: The Ideal Carpet Options for Your Home

Carpet floor cover has various advantages to offer; no wonder that many home owners are always in the quest of the perfect carpet.  The perfect carpet flooring would be carpet with desired softness and strength, but it would be hard to enjoy both values -until now. Today’s carpet with the most advanced fiber technology has been successfully created the highly developed Tigressa and Innovia carpet that allow you to bring the ultimate in smoothness, comfort, toughness and beauty into your home.

Tigressa Cherish CantrelleIf your whole family loves to gather in the living room, you surely would like to install carpet flooring in your living room since it can provide warmth, peaceful feeling and the finest comfort to your loved ones. Nobody can deny the pleasant of relaxed sensation of carpet below their feet!

Since your living room is one of the busiest areas in your home, you must find high quality carpet that appropriate for high traffic areas. You don’t want to spend a fortune for frequently replacing the carpet, right? As mentioned before, you can choose whether Tigressa or Innovia carpet for your busy rooms as many products of these kinds of carpets have four and five star rating; it means that they are provided with best performance and durability in different factors including texture retention, stain resistance, soil resistance, wear warranty and cushion.

Innovia Touch Nantucket Shade

The carpet experts suggested that the best carpet for heavy foot traffic areas is the carpet made from best fibers such as nylon, polyester or PET polyester. In this case, carpet like Tigressa Cherish can offer beauty and softness for many years to come as it’s produced from the finest and the latest generation of nylon type available in today’s carpet technology. It can be the final solution of your search for the ideal nylon carpet.

While another high quality carpet like Innovia Touch wouldn’t be the wrong choice either. Applying the newest fiber technology, Innovia carpet is created of many premium and soft stain-resistant fibers in each bundle. For instance, Innovia Touch carpet has 360 fibers per bundle while the ordinary carpet just has about 70 fibers per bundle. That’s why Innovia carpet is amazingly soft, strong and stain resistant; the other perfect kind of carpet for your busy living room!
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