Oct 20, 2013

Better Self Storage — Ringwood Residents’ Discover Organised Self Storage

A messy storage unit can to lead a lot of unpleasant things. It can damage your valuable items which can be a hassle on your part. Aside from that, it can create stressful situations where you just want to tear your hair out when you get frustrated unloading boxes or searching for your things. Cases like this can make you want to avoid returning to the unit you have rented out to temporarily store your stuff, leaving them in there for a much longer period than you had intended to and allowing the self storage facility to auction off its contents once they exceeded the time allotted for them to be stored in their storage facility.

Getting organised before packing your items, picking your self storage facility, and moving your boxes into your chosen unit, will save you from the stress of chaotic self storage. The proper way of arranging your stuff in the storage unit you will lease will offer you a lot of advantages. Like everything else in life, it is better to plan things out before you jump right in and pay for a service. So try the following tips and get your things in order for the self storage Ringwood has to offer.

Decide what you need to store in the facility. By determining which items have to be boxed and which ones can stay with you, you can easily pick out the right unit size for your storage needs and maybe even save a bit of money in the process. A properly packed unit, after all, is much more economical than a haphazardly packed unit.

Choose a self storage facility that offers multiple security systems as well as storage solutions. Once you’ve nailed down your storage needs, you can then begin to pick out the ideal facility which will meet the requirements you are looking for. An essential factor that tops the list would be security. It is recommended that you go with a facility that provides individual, tamper-proof locking mechanisms on units and a 24-hour, back-to-base security system so that your valuable belongings are thoroughly protected and monitored.

In addition to the topnotch security, go with self storage facilities that provide several storage solutions you can choose from, from thermostatically controlled units for your temperature-sensitive items (e.g., vintage books or bottles of wine) to outdoor options for your larger items (e.g., motorboats or caravans).

Arrange the boxes you’ll store while considering your need for access. You may suddenly need to get access to some of your items so when arranging them in the unit; make sure to leave enough room for walking around. Determine which boxes should be placed at the front of the unit so you can get to them easily when the need arises.

You can also maximise the snug size of your unit by simply arranging your boxes properly. Always put the heavier items in the back of the room and when stacking boxes, put the heavier ones on the bottom.

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