Aug 13, 2012

Why is Your Home Staying on the Market so Long?

If you have listed your home and you see that it's been sitting on the market for longer than you'd expect, there are quite a few reasons why this may be happening. Before heading into a panic, however, take a look through these common reasons why a home doesn't sell as quickly as expected.

1. It needs to be tidy and clean

While this is certainly a basic, it cannot be over emphasized. Are you sure that you're not missing anything when you clean up the house for a viewing? Maybe there are some small messes that you find insignificant that others see when they're walking through your home. Ask a neighbor to come by to inspect your home to make sure that everything looks okay before your next viewing. Sometimes a third party can give you a clue that there's something out of order and your just missing it because you're so used to seeing it day after day.

2. Perhaps it is overpriced

While this is a common reason, this is quite often not the case. Most people jump to the conclusion that they have overpriced their home when it's not selling quickly and miss the true cause altogether. Talk to your real estate agent to find out whether he thinks it's overpriced or whether it's sitting in the price range that would be expected.

3. There are some repairs to be done

Does your home have some small repairs that you've been putting off? In many cases small repairs can stand out to a potential homebuyer. Make sure that any small things that can be repaired are addressed. It may be something as simple as a drawer not opening properly, a sticky window or a small crack in the wall. If someone is viewing your home and decides to open all the drawers in the kitchen and one won't open easily, it may just be enough to irritate that homebuyer to the point where he strikes your home off of his list.

For a home that's full of small repair jobs it's a good idea to call in a handyman for a day. Hand him a list of things to get done and send him on his way throughout your house. You'll be amazed to see the difference that can be made with an intense effort by a handyman. There is a reason why they call them handy and you'll wonder why you never called one in before.

Make sure that you talk to your agent about all of the factors that could be slowing down your sale. No matter what the economy may be these days, and what homes are selling faster in different parts of town, there are still homes being sold in your area and you need to make that yours is one of them as well.

Sharon Freeman is a freelance author who writes about Real Estate and Property tips for her local Sydney market
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