Aug 2, 2012

Easy Steps for Home Decoration

There are many events that should be greeted with joy such as family events, birthday parties or feast days. At these occasions, home should be decorated in order to appear different. Follow these steps for impressive decoration.
1. Determine the décor theme. The room decor theme can be taken from anywhere, such as the natural theme that uses many natural ingredients or the vintage theme that full of warm memory.

2. Specify a color theme. In addition to strengthen the
décor theme, the color functions to unite different shapes of various objects. For decorating the space, choose just three colors for decoration in order that it won’t be too crowded.

3. Tableware, vases, candle holders, baskets, table runners and other interior items which already owned may be utilized. Select the items that match the
décor theme and color theme.

4. Add fresh flowers and plants in the room. Customize the shape of flowers and plants with the whole theme.
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Soulful said...

when i decorate, i surely would add fresh flowers.. :D

Imron said...

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