Aug 9, 2012

Office Space Rental - How to Find the Right One?

Finding the right office space is much like finding a needle in a haystack; you can search and search and come up empty-handed time and time again. The search can quickly become tiring, frustrating and thoroughly depressing. Coming home after hours of fruitless office rental space search can certainly become a time-wasting activity within your new business, but it doesn’t have to be.

Why are you doing this search alone? Do you think looking for office space without the help of a real estate agent, or rental agent can save you money? At first, this may seem true, but how much time have you already wasted in your efforts. Think about it! You have probably wasted entire days looking at offices with ill-equipped restroom facilities, old air-conditioning equipment, not enough power outlets, parking area restrictions, and so on. What other things could you have done with that time? Before you start looking for the right place to set up an office, get yourself organized, decide how you are going to go about your search, analyze your budget, and either find tools or a professional to help your search become more efficient.


Before you head out the door, go spend gas and start looking at office rentals that are advertised on buildings, or on billboards, first look online. There are many localized online databases with office rental spaces listed. Most of these offer listed amenities, features and locations. You can also use Google maps to help locate the office space rental location, so you can see how accessible the area is, and the type of businesses or other properties located within the area.

Once you find options you might be interested in you can call the agent, owner or building management team to schedule a viewing appointment. This is a helpful way to find the office space you're looking for without first having to run all around town.

The Real Estate Agent

Despite what you might think the real estate agent is not your enemy when it comes to finding the right office space. Sure, he might charge you a finders fee, and you may think that you can’t afford it. However, just think, how much time have you already wasted. Those endless days of fruitless searches, what did you productively do then? You lost money and time that day, just as you do every day you go out on a futile office search. So, giving a real estate agent a finder's fee may, in the end, save you money instead of cost you something.

After all, you must consider that a real estate agent knows the neighborhoods, the business areas and understands where the best location for your monthly budget is.
Bottom Line

Conducting business in the current economy is not about “spending no money” but instead cutting costs and spending money effectively—as in hiring someone to help you find the office space location you need. Thereby giving you the time to finish other important business matters that will produce revenue and will get you up and running more quickly and efficiently.

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