Aug 21, 2012

Guarding Your House against Carbon Monoxide Infiltration

The presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in our homes is hazardous and thus it is very crucial to install a device inside the house to detect its presence. Carbon monoxide detectors perform this task and protect your family from the perils of CO. One must ensure that carbon monoxide does not enter your house as its presence can lead to serious health problems. CO has the ability to get accumulated in the blood stream really fast and thus hampering ability of blood to carry oxygen.

The presence of CO in the environment is mainly caused by burning of fuels used in natural gas, propane and oil. But if the equipments using these fuels are properly installed and taken care of the amount of CO produced by them can be drastically reduced. In most houses this harmful gas is safely vented out through windows or chimneys. But problems arise when there is something hindering this smooth ventilation process. Such blockages might lead to increase in the level of CO presence in the air and lead to dangerous consequences.

Taking some precautions can greatly help in saving the environment from the CO menace. The first step in this direction could be shunning any possibility of carbon monoxide to get into your home. Some other significant steps that could be taken in this direction are as follow.

An annual inspection and servicing of all appliances inside the house used for fuel by an expert technician is one of the drastic measures that can be taken to assure that there is no leakage from the appliances and they are working properly. Apart from this all the vents should also be examined for any blockages or cracks. Heating and hot water equipment like geysers should be installed in appropriate position to ensure proper ignition. One should avoid use of natural gas stove tops or ovens for heating ones home. If you have an enclosed garage parking always make sure that you open the garage door before starting the vehicle. Garage should also not be used for barbeque which uses charcoal as fuel or even the one which runs on propane or natural gas. It is advisable to restrict the use of lawnmower, snow blower, or any gasoline- operated tools within a garage or house. 

Any use of fossil fuels for refrigeration, cooking, heat, and lighting within a living area can prove to be really unsafe. One should ascertain that all such gears if being used is carefully vented outside and at best use devices propelled by battery and electricity to avoid the dangers of air poisoning. Devices like these harm you more than the convenience that they provide.

Such precautions taken on your part can help in evading the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning to a great degree. But even after much alertness sometimes accidents do happen and it is at this point that carbon monoxide detectors act as the life saving devices. Presence of even one carbon monoxide detectors serves as a wise safety measure towards a carbon monoxide free environment for your family. 
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