Aug 9, 2012

No More Real Estate Hassles with DoorFly

When it is time to sell or buy a house, no one wants it to take forever. Time is of the essence and financial concerns are always at the top of the list as well. People often can't make the move until their house sells. This could result in living with family or paying for temporary housing, an added expense that could really hurt the budget. At other times, the sale may be necessary to have necessary funds to settle an estate. Regardless of the reasons behind buying or selling, most will agree that they want the process to move along quickly. DoorFly is a site dedicated to making real estate easier for agents, home sellers and home buyers. 

Home Buyers 
Time is precious. When someone is ready to buy a new house, narrowing down the selection can make everything so much easier. With DoorFly, people can sign up for free, enter where they are planning to move and provide a price range. Real estate agents that work with that area will be in touch to find out more information and promote themselves. The potential buyer can then choose the best fit and let the agent do the legwork in locating potential properties. 

Home Sellers 
DoorFly is a great resource for those who need to sell a house and need things to happen as soon as possible. Getting people to come look at a property can be frustrating but real estate agents make it their business. Sellers simply post a listing and then agents will be in touch. They will provide potential clients with their positive points. From there, it is a matter of selecting the most favorable agent. Sellers can also see what else is for sale in the area, find out if they are in the ball park for pricing and discover ideas for changes to make their property more attractive.

Agents will love the opportunity for increased sales and commissions and DoorFly is a place that can make that happen. Connections are made easier with a site that brings everyone to one location. While it may not be the only source of business, every extra bit can go a long way. One key point of interest is the incentive of offering a portion of one's commission for successful sales. Agents will find this worth it if they have an incredible boost in business. 

Additional Resources
DoorFly aims to make every step of the buying and selling process easier. There are links to lenders, moving companies, credit reporting agencies and legal services. It's a one-stop shopping concept, giving consumers one location that will lead to all of the pertinent parties. A listing can be posted or an agent located all in one click of a button. Once the right agent is on the case, clients can get in touch with lenders or legal services to be prepared for the closing of a property. For anyone who is ready to sell or buy a house, visit DoorFly today.

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