Aug 29, 2012

Interior Design Tips for Office Renovation

Most of the companies nowadays have understood the significance of having good working environment and good interiors. Since a part of an employee’s life is spent in the office where he works, as an employer it is your responsibility to provide best of the facilities and good environment. According to a survey, the employees of the companies having good interior facilities perform more efficiently, than of those with dull and boring interiors.

As a matter of fact, a good interior does not only aim to provide employee satisfaction, but also attracts lots of potential customers as well.  A good workplace should be comfortable for the employees and welcoming for the customers. So, it is undoubtedly important to get the office space well suitable both for the employees and customers. If your business cannot afford interior designing, consider going for office refurbishment done by a professional interior decorator. Re-planning your office space and making some minor changes will help you serve both the purposes.

In this article, we will guide you with some basic things that you should keep in mind while getting your office renovated.


Flooring is the base of every interior designing/decoration project. A good choice of flooring material and color can make your office look elegant and classy, whereas a bad one can make everything go hay-waye. Flooring is also important from a business point of view because it can get damaged soon, as the movement will be maximum throughout the day. So, if you have a carpet flooring already fixed in your office, consider replacing them with the new ones. On the other hand, if you have tiles, marble, or wooden flooring then get them polished or you can also cover the unrepairable areas with carpets and rugs.


When it comes to office renovation, re-painting is the best possible option you can go for. You can consider changing the color schemes of the walls. Getting textures and panelling can be a difficult and time taking task, and will also cost you a lot. However, you can go for wallpapers to highlight few walls of the office in the best possible manner. Different sections of the office area can be painted with different colors and themes depending on the function of that area. For example: cafeteria can be made a little livelier with a combination of dark and light pastel or monochromatic shades.


Office furniture usually become outdated as they are bought at the time of inauguration and used for several years. Also, daily use of them causes wear and tear, as a result furniture can become stained, marked, or ripped. However, you will have to have a good amount of money to replace your furniture all at one, or you can get them repaired from professional carpenters. 


Safety should be a major concern of you are getting your office refurbishment, Your previous safety measures may have become outdated or depleted with the time. Make sure you get all the safety equipments placed at right exit points, and according to your renovated office plan. 
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Aneka HOT said...

Datang membalas kunjungan :D
Bagian mana yang paling vital untuk direnovasi?

Boys Wall Stickers said...

Office is a hectic location. So the interior designing should be arranged with an eye cooling atmosphere. I would say Green or blue colour would suit more for cubicles and chars.


Dunia sekarang makin sibok, tentu diperlukan disain kantor yang praktis

Aneka Berita said...

Anggaran dan kemanpangatan tentu juga perlu dipikirkan kan?

Gene Bernice said...
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Unknown said...

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