Aug 24, 2012

Tips to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean and Hygienic

Having a swimming pool in your backyard always brings the sense of luxury and excitement. It not only makes the home look more lavish, but also become the big time source of relaxation for the inmates of the house. There is nothing better than plunging into the pool on a fresh Sunday morning and relaxing under the bright sunny natural light.

Perhaps luxury comes with a cost, followed by lots of responsibilities. Those who own personal outdoor swimming pools know it well. Building a pool is undoubtedly expensive, but maintaining it is even more costly and requires lots of efforts and time as well. In this article, we will tell you about some basic things that you should take into consideration while taking care of your pool. These tips will help you keep the water of the pool hygienic and crystal clear.

Tips To Maintain a Swimming Pool

1. Circulation Is The Key-  It is very important to check that the main pump of the pool is in proper working condition. This pump is the heart of the pool that makes the process of circulation possible. Without water circulation it will be difficult to maintain the purity and clarity of water, and as soon as the winters will arrive the algae will start settling into the pool. Thus, make sure that the pool’s main pump in working in order.

2. Run The Filter-  Filtration is as important as circulation. The process of filtration removes all kind of impurities and dirt from the pool. Without a sufficient and effective filter the water inside the pool will remain dirty. Therefore, it is important to conduct a routine check-up to ensure the filter is working properly. The filter-run time may vary on the basis of size of the pool and climatic conditions. Make sure that the run time is adequate for the season and the climate. If you are not sure of the run time, it is always advised to call the pool facility experts to get better guidance.

3. Balanced Water - It is also important to balance the water chemistry of the pool. All you need is some guidance and a good test kit to ensure that water level and chemicals present in it are perfectly balanced. Having a balanced pool water can help you save on a lot on other expenses, that may arise due to various pool problems caused because of chemical imbalances. If you do not know how to do it, consider hiring a professional pool facility for it.

4. Clean the Pool Regularly- Since it is a regular practice, many people take it as a tedious work. However, if done with proper concentration it should not take more than 10-15 minutes of your time each week. You can also get an automatic outdoor swimming pools cleaner installed to save yourself some more time. Make sure you empty the skimmer basket, pump basket and cleaner bags before moving out of your house every day. This help prevents the clogs which can be the major cause of obstructed water circulation.
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Leisure Time Pool Pump said...

Everyone loves clean and hygienic pool and its necessary that we need to keep it clean everyday to enjoy healthy swimming. thanks for sharing these great pool cleaning tips.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! Of course the first step in keeping the pool clean and healthy is investing in a good cleaner-- these days a robotic pool cleaner is probably your best bet.
There are tons of options out there, too many to choose from if you ask me, so I'll just make a quick recommendation and leave it at that: if you're looking for a "robot," go for the Dolphin Premier. I got one last summer and I LOVE this thing!
It has features that I've never seen in other 'bots out there, it is reliable, it cleans well, and it is energy efficient. (Clearly) I am a happy customer! Check it out if you're in the market!
Thanks for the post.

Heather Brigs said...

Great tips you got there! Thanks for this informative article. This will be a great help for swimming pool owners out there.

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