Aug 14, 2012

Fashion for the Fashionistas

For a long period of time, today’s fashionista’s were gearing away from skirts and dresses and leaning towards skinny jeans, slacks and low riders.  The time is back to reintroduce a more lady-like style of dress.  Women are no longer hiding their legs and even wearing mini dresses and skirts on a regular basis.  A new fashion trend developing for a while is the reintegration of old styles with a new touch. More ladies have even been investing business and club style clothing for casual wear.  High society style is taking over for our average young adult. 

The most popular new trend in dress wear is the new peplum style.  Peplum dresses consist of a ruffled overskirt and is attached to a shirt, sometimes penciled skirt.  Peplum dresses can be purchased in several different fabrics with simple or bold patterns.  Often times peplum are used in a business casual setting and are seen in the colors black, white and khaki.  The simple format of colors makes it easy to adjust to any setting whether casual or formal.  Peplum formal dresses are also available in satin, organza and even lace.  Investing in peplum will show a remarkable sense of style while presenting class and elegance. 
In addition to peplum style clothing, pencil skirts have shown a remarkable come-back.   The sleek design makes it desirable to all shapes and sizes and contains and brings any shape into a desirable form.  Pencil skirts are classy and sexy all at once.  Paired with a nice blouse or a white t-shirt, a pencil skirt can catch any eye.  Pencil skirts are mainly seen in black to compliment the purpose of displaying a woman’s best attributes.  In the summer season it can be seen in shades of white and other lighter colors.  Pencil skirts bring a classy, sexy approach while re-inventing a vintage style. 

Vintage is definitely in today.  Rockabilly dresses are seen everywhere.  Several websites and mainstream stores are adding a generous display of halter dresses with a flare out skirt with a little bit of tool beneath.  The sensational look is offered in fabric with printed polka dots throughout.  Polka dots are often seen in yellow and white, red and white, and black and white.  It represents a time where woman wore fashionable dresses and high heels whenever leaving the home.  Vintage clothing compliments any shape or size of woman.

Dresses and skirts are no longer hid in the closet for formal events, women everywhere are revealing more for everyday wear.  Working, shopping, clubbing or just hanging out is all appropriate occasions for fashionable wear.  Peplum dresses add flare to any drab business outfit, while a pencil skirt can be made extravagant with a nice blouse or dressed down with a simple shirt.  Rockabilly or vintage dresses reiterate times were wearing dresses all the time was much desired.  Throw out uncomfortable jeans and reestablish or create a new closet with an unbeatable style and desire for fashion.  Dresses and skirts are an everlasting way to represent a stylish personality. 

About Sharon Freeman - Sharon is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about anything from designer T-Shirts, Celebrities & fashion designers.
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kim said...

i'm not much into fashion but i don't mind dressing up every once in a while.. :D

Janet said...

Great article.

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