Aug 7, 2012

Bedbug Pest Management Services - When You Need Those Bugs Out Of Your Bed Today!

There is nothing more annoying than waking up to bites all over your body and finding out that you need to call in a bedbug pest management service right away. While you're scratching and reaching for the phone, you're wondering how you could have possibly got these bedbugs in the first place.

Bedbugs are wanderers and can travel into your home in many ways. If you've been traveling recently there's a good chance that you could have brought them home in your suitcase. If you live in an apartment, condo or townhouse they may have crept through small openings in the walls to invade your private space. Bedbugs are notoriously sneaky critters and will stop at nothing to get where they want and hide the rest of the time.

Calling in the professionals

Most pest management companies have emergency services available just for this type of situation. Many people that find a pest problem want to get rid of it immediately and don't want to wait days for an appointment to be scheduled. When you call up the company you can let them know that you need the problem resolved right away and they'll be able to tell by your frantic tone of voice that you are serious about it.

When the pest control crew is dispatched they will usually arrive at your home with a sniffer dog. These dogs have been trained to sniff out bedbugs where the human eye can't see them. Bugs like these enjoy hiding in tiny cracks in walls, beds, baseboards and you name it. Anywhere actually in the home is fair game for these bugs that wait until it's dark to start their mad scramble for food.

These dogs are a blessing in disguise. In recent years they have been able to help with the bedbug issue so that it can get eradicated often in only one visit. It wasn't too long ago that bedbug companies would have to come a few times into the home to make sure that all the bugs were gone. The employees simply couldn't track them all down using the naked eye only.

Nowadays most companies use a heating process to get rid of these bugs so that you don't have to worry about chemical overload in your bedroom. High heat can kill the bedbugs and their eggs so that you don't have to worry about sleeping in a room full of toxins and you can be pretty sure that once these professionals leave your home you won't be seeing any more bedbugs again soon.

Joel Mayer is a freelancer who writes about  pest control on behalf of  Advanced Pest Management.
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