Aug 11, 2012

How to Choose a Wedding Playlist that will Guarantee that Your Guests Dance

Where do you start when it comes to the right music for your wedding? You need to take into account the following when deciding on music. What time of day is the reception? What is the average age of guests? Do you want a party atmosphere or a laid back atmosphere? At the end of the day, you need to choose music based on what you like however to have a wedding that everyone talks about, you do need to consider the guests and their needs as well.

If you are having a reception over the lunchtime period you need to consider the ambience you want to create. Many lunchtime weddings generally have laid back music. People seem to be happy to gather and share a lovely meal whilst music is quietly played in the background. For these kinds of weddings a nice jazz band (if that is your style) or a acoustic type duo would be perfect. For a larger venue a trio or 4 to 5 piece band would be great but again playing chilled laid back music with a bit of a beat but not too loud and disruptive.

If the reception is a wedding where people do want to dance, having a versatile band or DJ is the key. Whilst people are eating, the music maybe laid back however as soon as the speeches are over and the mains have been eaten the volume of the music can be raised for some dancing to happen. The selection of music is something you need to discuss with your band or DJ beforehand. If you have a large range of people, songs that cover the 50’s right up to today would keep the dance floor alive. If your reception has a lot of young people, music from the 50’s may not be as appealing so make sure you select a band or DJ that have a range to cover their needs.

The same principal applies for evening receptions as it does lunchtimes. Receptions that have 50 people or more generally have some kind of dance floor that happens towards the end of the evening. Smaller weddings maybe just a lovely meal with not much dancing however again the entertainment that you hire should be able to play in accordance to the room set.

The style of music that is played is really important. Generally people love the good old classics like Sweet Caroline, Crazy Little called love, and the also a couple of cheesy songs as well like We are Family and I will Survive. To guarantee your party to dance, make sure it is versatile or meeting the needs of the people their. If you love trance music, and the average age at the wedding is around 40 to 50 and they love the classic, then playing trance music all night wouldn’t get those people up. Having some music they can relate to will satisfy them and even if a couple of new age songs are played it will keep both generations happy. Scoping out the age group and playing a variety of music will definitely guarantee that most of your guests will dance!

Guest article by Sharon Stokes for, from wedding bands to guitar lessons in Melbourne.

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