Feb 9, 2016

Working from home


In the last few years, people have started working from home more often than in the past. This trend has caught on, and now you have a lot of people having home offices from which they do the majority of their work. But, working from your home office is a bit different than working from a regular office. Read more about some tips on working from your home.

1. One of the first things you should do is create a daily work schedule. When working from your home, it is very easy to mix up personal time with work time. One of the biggest distractions is really your family, so you need to tell them not to bother you when you’re working.

2. Think about your social life too. When you’re at the office, you socialize with people, you talk to them. But, when you’re working from your home, you don’t really talk to anyone. You lose that, and if you don’t socialize outside your work, you’re going to be miserable. So, in your free time, try to be with people. It will keep you energized and ready to do more work.

3. Get into a virtual business community. LinkedIn is great for that. Try joining a community of people that have something to do with your line of work. It will show the people around you your expertise and that you are out there, that you are actually connected to your work.

4. Think about your retirement savings. When you don’t really have an employer, retirement savings can take a dive. You won’t be really getting the amount to put into your savings plan, so you need to think about this hard and well and create a plan for your retirement savings.

5. Your IT skills need to be quite high. When you’re working alone, with electronic devices, things can sometimes go bad, and help may not be available any time soon. So, you need to have the right skills to fix the issue yourself.

6. Think about the paperwork. When you’re working with a small business that is out of your home, you need to think about the paperwork, like licensing, permits, registrations for taxes and things like that. Make sure everything is legal, you don’t want to get in trouble with the law.

7. Insurance is a big thing, so don’t forget about it. Think hard and well about what kind of insurance you want and need to get, and get it. It is really important for your home business.

8. Your family shouldn’t suffer because you work from home, but boundaries need to be set. Of course, you shouldn’t lash out at them because of noises or stuff like that, you can’t expect everyone to not do anything at all when you’re working from home. But, make sure you set boundaries for your family. They should know that you are working, and that you shouldn’t be distracted, if possible, at all.

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