Feb 24, 2016

Windows Styles to Know about when Planning a Renovation

Today the market of windows in Mississauga is full of various options for home renovation projects. Most people when come to a store get lost in the possibilities because there are too many of them and so they are simply frightened of making the wrong choice. In this article you will learn about the most popular and most universal types of windows to complete your home renovation project with the least stress.
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Picture Windows

Picture windows are the most basic kind of windows in Mississauga windows market. This kind of windows creates a portrait-style space on the walls. They usually look like a piece of art on your wall from both sides of the house. These windows do not open so when you consider installing them make sure to keep in mind this characteristic.     

Casement Window

Casement windows are also a very classic option which are pretty much like picture windows, but they have one great advantage – they can open. Some casement windows have a special handle on the inside part which allows them to be open outwards, others can be simply pushed. If you would like to save money during the summer period on cooling the house, casement windows are your best choice.

Hung Window

Hung windows are the most popular windows in Mississauga. Hung windows are opened by sliding in the vertical dimension. Most homeowners choose single hung windows where only the lower part is opened, but there is also a possibility of getting double hung windows. These windows are popular for traditional designs, however young designers pair them with arched or tilt-wash windows to get a more modern touch for the house.

Slider Window

These windows are similar to hung windows – they are also very popular and simple in use. This type has one side which opens in a single, but of course can easily be updated to a double. Many homeowners in Mississauga go with sliding windows, because they are considered to be the easiest to open and also provide good air circulation.

Awning Window

Awning windows are usually called the mixture of the picture or hung windows and they actually look exactly as the picture of this combination in your head. Awning windows should be attached at the top and they open outward. These windows have special protection – awning, which does not allow any rain or snow leaks into your house. As a rule Mississauga designers use awning windows in bathrooms or over the sinks. This windows type can easily be opened with the help of a crank or handle. In case you need any additional protection to your awning windows, you can add special screens can.

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