Feb 22, 2016

A perennial statement of class - Oriental Bamboo Foliage

Bamboos are the largest members of the grass family and the fastest growing plants.  These specimens mean different things in different civilizations, for e.g. in China it means uprightness, whereas in India, it is a symbol of heritage. Whatever it may represent, bamboos definitely give a look of sophistication in any indoor/outdoor landscape. However, most species of this grass can grow about three ft in twenty four hours at the rate of one inch every forty minutes. That’s a problem as it means a lot of investment in maintenance.

Faux Oriental Bamboo Foliage to the Rescue

The perfect alternative is our Oriental Bamboo Foliage, a part of a larger collection; this artificial plant is a replica of the Chinese bamboo and is practically identical. These bamboos can be used indoors and are between 4-12 inches in size. This artificial bamboo foliage will give a tropical flavor to the surroundings. They can also be used to make a privacy screen, giving the landscape an air of relaxation. Plus, bamboos somehow give out an air of general recreation; so if you’re landscaping a hospital or any indoor place for that matter, these will make a great investment. Plus, there’s the great advantage that they cost less than half of what it takes to maintain a real bamboo plant.

Reuse and ease of moving

Despite looking incredibly life like, these faux plants weigh very less and are easy to move. Change the position, concentration etc of these plants as often as you please without any hassle or wastage of time. Give your interior landscape the texture and elegance it deserves by using these fake bamboo foliages as you see fit. They can be scattered around the place to give the place an airy atmosphere or they can be packed closely to make the landscape’s theme look more tropical. This allows certain sections of the landscape to be hidden or to be sectioned. These faux plants will look great in any landscape; let it be in a hotel, hospital, office area etc.

Natural look and realistic design

This fake plant is manufactured using industrial grade silk material that makes these bamboos slender, elegant and fire retardant. The design of the plant is as realistic as it can get, with carefully positioned ridges on the stem and perfectly drawn veins on the leaves. The bamboo itself can be stained in black, yellow and green as per your requirement. These faux bamboo plants are decorative and add a natural sense of beauty to the landscape. Make most of the space by setting up these plants in the corners, and it will look like they’re growing into the building.

·  They look realistic and are light weight.
·  Practically no maintenance required.
·  Easy to readjust or to change location.
·  Oozes class and sophistication.


Oriental Bamboo Foliage is perfect indoor and outdoor landscaping faux plant that will brighten up the landscape of any building. The quality of this product is top notch and the outlook of the plant itself is pleasing aesthetically, and adds a beautiful texture to the decor, while being affordable at the same time. 


Bos Informasi said...

Is this plant can be planted in Indonesia climate?

Nancy Chan said...

My hubby wanted to grow bamboo but we didn't have the space. Now we can consider growing it in a pot as you have shown. Thank you, Lina.

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