Feb 6, 2016

The decoration of a small apartment

Small apartments have their advantages - lower rent, charm, and other things. But, if you don’t know how to decorate a small apartment, it will lose a lot of those things.
One mistake people commonly make when decorating small apartments is that they focus on functionality while almost completely neglecting design. Your apartment can be small, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for style. Instead of completely neglecting true style, a solution for small apartments is to find a balance between functionality and good looks, in the sake of creating a space where you can live comfortably. You have to focus on one thing - your home needs to have all the things you need, while accenting looks.

1. Carefully split the separate spaces
At first glance, the concept of open space may seem like the right way to decorate your decor and ambiance in a small apartment. Still, it can really overload one space, while the lack of definition can lead to a bad look. Try to identify the different spaces in the best way and give them their specific purpose.

2. Invest in multipurpose furniture
When you’re living in a small apartment, you know very well that every part of your space is equally important. Use the maximum of every room by investing in pieces of furniture that have more than one purpose. Instead of trying to mold your space to your furniture, do the opposite - buy furniture that works with your space. The bedroom is the ideal place for furniture that has more than one purpose. Your bed doesn’t have to be only furniture for sleeping, it can have a separate piece for storing stuff, while your closet can be an ideal place for installing a hidden bed.

If you don’t have a separate room for sleeping, you can go for a sofa that you can sleep one. Dining tables can also be modular. We recommend buying a table that can be folded when the need arises, so you have enough room when you have multiple guests over.

All in all, whatever multipurpose furniture you choose for your home, make sure it fits with the dimensions of the space. Pieces of furniture that are too large will make the space look even smaller.

3. Think about the perfect use for an unused space
After living in a small apartment for a while, you can get used to a routine in the way you use yuor apartment. But, has it ever crossed your mind that you are not use the full potential of your space? Try using all the unused spaces in your home and find a way to make them come to life. It will greatly save you space, and it will make your home more functional without sacrificing looks.

4. The lighting in your home matters very much
A small space can be greatly improved by just adding great lighting to the space. You can also add a lot of style and charm to the space, while at the same time improving lighting. Think about buying a nice pair of Venetian blinds for your windows, they will make your home more beautiful and will add extra lighting flexibility.

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