Feb 11, 2016

Strategies for Reducing Heating and Cooling Bills

A lot of buildings today are fitted with heating and cooling systems during construction. This is done in an effort to maintain certain temperatures inside the buildings regardless of the weather conditions outside the buildings. This enables the people in the building go about their business comfortably without having to either heat up or cool down. However, the heating and cooling systems have to be paid for. During extreme weather, the system is used a lot, which makes it very expensive. Below are a few strategies one can use to reduce the heating and cooling expenses.

Solar screens

The first step to reducing heating and cooling bills is to install solar screens. Solar screens are used to reduce the amount of heat inside a house or building during the day. The screens intercept most of the heat from the sun, which reduces the general amount of heat reaching the house. This ensures that the temperature in the house during the day is bearable. The screens will reduce the general amount of times when one has to turn on the cooling system to cool down the house during the day because of excessive heat.

Installing solar panels
This is an idea that is often overlooked but has been greatly beneficial to the people who have tried it in their homes as well as their commercial buildings. Solar panels absorb solar energy during the day. The solar energy is then converted into electric energy that can be used up by the heating and cooling systems. Once one has installed the solar panels, he or she does not need to pay for the solar energy. This will be instrumental in cutting costs because most of the energy that is being used up by the heating and cooling system is free.

Adjusting the temperatures on the thermostat
Experts say that individuals are able to reduce their bills by between 5 to 15 percent by adjusting their thermostat settings. When one is home, the thermostat can be used regularly according to ones preferences. However, when one is not at home, he or she should raise the degrees set on the thermostat. This will reduce the bills because when one is not at home, there is no need for the house to be cool. The same concept also applies on nights when one is not at home. The temperature can be raised because it does not need to be warm if one is not at home.

Constant maintenance on the heating and cooling system is a major part of reducing the total costs of using the system. Heating and cooling systems require a lot of periodical maintenance sessions throughout their lifespan. As they age, they begin to become inefficient because of wear and tear as well as accumulation of dirt in some of the parts of the machine. This causes it to use up more energy to function. The efficiency of the system is also affected, which means that one will not be able to receive the same amount of comfort. Maintenance is a solution to all these problems.

In conclusion, heating and cooling enables one to maintain a certain amount of temperature indoors which makes it very comfortable. However, this comfort may cost more than what one is willing to pay. There are a number of ways in which one can ensure that he or she retains the same amount of comfort that he or she is used to but at a lower cost. It is important to know these techniques on order to cut costs while still benefiting fully from the heating and cooling system.

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