Feb 9, 2016

Steps To Take When Involved In Leased Car Accident

Getting involved in an accident itself jeopardises your normal daily activities. Accident issues become more complicated when you get involved in leased vehicle crashes. When you lease a vehicle and suffer from accident, you should take certain steps to have least issues with the owner of the crashed leased vehicle.
The steps needed to be taken first:

·         First you should check yourself if you are suffering from any injury at the site of the accident. If all is well, then help other persons involved in the accident.
·         You need to contact police authorities, call for medical aid and ring up the family members of the individuals, who are injured in the accident.
·         It will be wise to gain all information regarding other vehicle insurance and whether it is leased or owned by the person, who is involved in the clash. This information will surely help you later, when the cause of the accident is verified, and you need to put up claiming papers.
·         Contacting law enforcements will help in properly documenting the proofs of the accident, making of report and report of the witness of the accident. It will be profitable if snaps of the accident site are taken, which can be quite useful while claiming for insurance or compensation amount.

General views:

The next question arises in your mind that who is the right person to contact, if it was leased vehicle. You immediately contact the agent of the company, who leased you the car. In most legal matters, they themselves after verification, inform the company official about the condition of the vehicle they have leased out.

Mostly every vehicle has insurance, and thus you will be needed to attend a meeting with the insurance agent, who will aid in claiming the insurance sum assured.

Many insurance companies send an adjuster to verify the statements of the people involved in the accident and even will likely visit the accident location to take photos. The person will visit the garage where the car is towed to know the damage and repairs needed to be done before preparing the estimate.

Some insurance companies even guide you to reliable car service centre, where you can mend your damage vehicle in reasonable price.

Some insurance companies may decline to pay the insurance money, if they find that the person who leased the car is at fault and have caused the accident. In that case, you may have to pay for the repair of the vehicle from your account. The vehicle leasing company will surely ask you to pay for all the charges if the other party involved in the accident has filed for compensation, and it has been approved by legal authorities.

Gap insurance will be quite useful if the leased damaged vehicle can’t be repaired fully. The policy will cover up the difference of money of the actual value of the damaged car and the lease amount to be paid at the end of the term. Motor vehicle injury claim will help in getting insured money for the damaged vehicle. 

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