Feb 18, 2016

How to get rid of musty smell in basement

Get rid of odors in your basement written by: Marvintana

Basements are notorious for producing odors which can make their way up to the house. Musty smells are usually caused by mildew and molds which accumulate in the basement. This is as a result of the basement being left damp.

There are ways in which you can stop that smell and ensure that your basement is a place you want to visit often. The basement can be used for storage and it would be a pity if the items stored absorb the bad smell and preserve it. So how do you get rid of musty smell in basement?
• Basement ventilation
• Basement waterproofing
• Removing mold
• Fixing leaks
• Remodeling

One should take it upon yourself to make sure that your basement is well-ventilated. Have adequate openings which allow for air circulation so that it remains fresh. Basement ventilation allows air to escape outdoors and fresh air to come in. This limits the stay of bad odors and nasty smells. If there is a limitation of windows and openings, you can use dehumidifiers and purifiers in the basement to control air flow. You can install a fan in the basement to circulate air.

Basement waterproofing is a solution. It can be both curative and preventive measure of protecting one’s basement. Waterproofing of the basement starts at the top with the quality of the gutters one has on their roof being a determinant to the status of the basement. The purpose of the gutters is to redirect roof runoff so that water does not accumulate around the foundation during rainfall.

One should ensure that their gutters are working properly or if they have no gutters, they have to install them. Still on waterproofing, a French drain system can be installed to divert water away from the home in areas where the soil slopes towards the house. Another measure towards waterproofing is when installing patios and porches, you ensure that they slope away from the basement so that water drain away. One can construct drains under the floor or at the bottom of the footing of the basement.

One should fix any leaks that are in your basement. Water leaks are notorious for facilitating the growth of mold which in turn makes the basement be damp. One must ensure that they fix them in time so that the smell is not chronic and the damage to your basement is not increased. Check on the plumbing at the basement to make sure that everything is in order. Thirdly, remove the mold and mildew that has gathered in your basement. These growths sustain the bad smell that accumulates in your basement. You can hire a mold removal agency to remove them for you. Mold is not just responsible for the smell but it causes diseases and deteriorates the quality of your structure.

If the smell is very stubborn and has gathered for a long period of time, if the damage to the basement is irreparable, the final resort could be to remodel the structure. One can conduct a complete makeover of the basement factoring in ventilation and constructing a waterproof basement that does not allow for mold to grow.

These are all solutions to getting rid of odors which cause smelly basements. It depends on one’s current state of their basement and what they need to address at that particular time. 

Smelly basement is only one of common odors that might happen in your home. Do you want to know other possible common household odors and how to remove it fast? Check here to get required knowledge 

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