Feb 4, 2016

The Do’s and Don’ts You need to Follow In case of a Car Accident

When you are involved in an accident, you are in a tensed mood amid a mass of people and you are completely unaware how you are supposed to act. It is quite scary to imagine such a situation.

You might have fallen off your seat, glass panes are shattered around you and the continuous beep from your horn almost deafens you. Meanwhile, you try to summon the energy to turn your injured body around to see what damages have been done. One part of you wants to rush out and pound on the reckless driver that hit your car while the other side is still trying to figure out whose mistake it actually was.

So, how to determine what you need to do when you meet with an accident? Though the situation can be devastating, it is advised to take a moment and recall these points if you are involved in an accident:

What to do?
The first thing to do is ‘Stop’. Yes, stop even if it’s your fault. Remain calm and carefully pull over and evaluate the scene and the damages. If the situation looks too tensed to handle, call the police. If not, look around for the other vehicle, for its driver and exchange all the required information between yourselves ranging from insurance details to personal contact numbers.

Also, keep an accurate record of the happenings after the accident so that you can give the exact details to the police or the insurance company about the time and place of the accident. In case, there is no legal body present, feel free to take pictures of the scene all by yourself.

Remember, you need evidence and pictures are just perfect to confirm facts. In case of heavy injuries, seek medical attention at once and keep records of the bills incurred. Finally, claim your rights, and your compensation with your insurance company. Approach the companies and if needed, skilled auto insurance lawyers too, who will make sure that you get back what you have lost.

What not to do?
In messy situations such as road accidents, it is not unusual for a person to lose his patience. However, in most of the cases your rage can turn the situation completely against you. Thus, stay calm and do not admit faults. Small statements made by you can be used against you. Thus, without consulting your lawyer, do not make any statement.

Also, until the situation is extreme, and your fault has been officially proven, do not promise payments of any kind. The other party’s insurer or even your own insurance company might offer you to sign related documents in which case a thorough examination is necessary. Read more of the terms and conditions of the insurance, about the state’s traffic and insurance laws before you agree and sign anything.

Thus, if you happen to meet with an accident, you will not only need to take action that will secure your rights, but will also avoid taking the actions that might give you away.

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