Feb 10, 2016

Avoid Becoming a Victim of Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaning Companies

Cleaning a carpet is a daunting task. For this reason, most people prefer to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to ensure that the task is done to perfection. However, some carpet cleaning companies are taking advantage of their customers and overcharging them for very basic services. As a customer, it is important to know when a carpet cleaning company is trying to take advantage and switch to a different cleaning company. Below are some examples of when one will require changing their carpet cleaning company.


 The bait and switch trick is where carpet cleaning companies advertise a very low price for a cleaning service. This is referred to as bait because a lot of customers will be attracted by the low price for the cleaning service. However, once the customer has called and the cleaning company has arrived at the clients’ homes, they raise the price, which puts the customer in a bind. For this reason, customers should not be attracted to very low prices from cleaning companies. The low prices might result in the bait and switch trick or a poor job done at the low price from the cleaning company.

Another way to avoid the bait and switch trick is to check on the credentials of the cleaning company that one has chosen before asking them to provide the service. There are a number of ways in which this can be done. First, one can seek reviews of the company that he or she would like to hire. From the review, one will be able to know whether the carpet cleaning company is one of the companies that use the bait and switch trick or not. If one is not able to find a review of the company, one may opt to look for testimonials of previous customers.

The testimonials will greatly benefit a potential client because they will be able to know the kind of service that they should expect from the cleaning company. The previous clients will provide information about the pricing of the cleaning company, the kind of service they provide, the quality of the service they provide as well as any other relevant information such as an overview of the general experience they had with the company. This will enable one to determine whether they like are willing to hire the company or not.

Lastly, one should always ensure that they have all the necessary information from the person who is going to do the actual cleaning before they start cleaning the carpets. The information that one should ask about includes the duration that the individual will take to clean the carpets, the kind of cleaning that he or she is going to do, the additional serviced that he or she is willing to offer as well as the final price for the service that the consumer has chosen. This will enable one to determine whether they are genuine or not.

In conclusion, a lot of carpets cleaning companies are using the bait and switch trick to swindle customers. They use coupons and advertisements to lure customers into subscribing to their services then hand them a hefty bill after cleaning the carpets. One should always ensure that they take all the necessary precautions when finding a carpet cleansing company. One should also make a point of coming to an agreement with the carpet cleaning company about the total price of the cleaning service that they have chosen before they allow them to carry out any cleaning in their homes. This will enable them to evade the bait and switch trick.

Written by Tiger Carpet Care, the best carpet cleaning company in Columbia, MO.

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