Feb 16, 2016

Signs You Need to Change Your Washing Machine

Most of us aren’t experienced repair technicians, especially when it comes to our affordable home appliances from the Philippines. As such, if something should happen to one of our appliances, we wouldn’t know exactly how to repair them. When it comes to our daily needs, appliances have made it easier for us to move quickly.
One of those basic appliances we use most of the time would definitely be our laundry washing machine. As owners of this device, we are entitled to look out for their maintenance and to at least know a little about its metal parts from the Philippines. When there are minor complications and glitches, one must be able to at least trouble shoot. Hiring a professional is the best thing to do but in today’s modern age and hectic life style, we want to make repairs quicker and more affordable. So as much as possible, if we see or feel that our washing machine might be damaged, self-repair and check-up should be the first thing to do.

To help you out with that, here are a few things you need to know whether your washing machine needs repair:

Makes Excessive Noises
Although, washing machines are generally known to be quite loud when it’s operating, you would still hear something out of the ordinary. Especially if your washer is off balance, they would make louder rackety noises. What you can do in this situation is to try evening out the clothes inside the machine. Don’t lump them all in one space and rearrange the clothes. Also, check if the washer is standing up right and if it’s well balanced. If it still makes unnecessary noises then check if the drum or motor mount might be loose. Don’t worry because the fix is very simple and easy. If you don’t want to that or you’re scared of doing it yourself, call a washer repair service.

Water Doesn’t Fill Up the Drum
This is a common error when using the machine. If the water isn’t filling up, there are many possible causes. It might be because of the kink in your hose, a delayed cycle selection or the hot and cold water faucets are not turned on. A clogged filter or a water intake valve may be to blame as well. If you’ve addressed such issues correctly then you wouldn’t need to seek for professional assistance anymore.

Water Remains in the Drum
Once the laundry finishes its cycle, the water should automatically drain off. If your machine doesn’t have this feature then you have to press on something to drain the water. If the water doesn’t drain then you should check to see if the clothes have tangled up and blocked the pump. You can also evaluate the drain hose for clogs. If these aren’t the problem, the cause may be your water pump. Now, you may think that replacing the pump is an easy task but this is something that you should leave to the professionals.

If you absolutely have no idea what’s wrong with your washer then simply call an expert. An expert can easily determine the problem quickly especially since the inner workings of your washer are composed of many intricate components. Your problem could get worse if you tamper something very delicate. If you don’t know what’s wrong anymore, simply call up professionals for help.

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Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, Event PRO, and online Marketing Representative in the Philippines.

Thoroughly fascinated about travelling, leisure, and living the good life!

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