Dec 11, 2012

Top Five Important Uses for a Granny Annex

Granny annex is known as garden house, granny flat, in-law apartment or secondary suites. It provides an extra space in the homeowner’s property that can either be attached or separated from the house. It can maximize the living space for people who are in the urban areas. It is usually in the form of mobile homes or log cabin. Many people who opt for this house have settled their space problem at home.

There are five important uses of granny annex that people are now enjoying.
  • Used by many people to provide a separate shelter for the elderly or other family members
Granny annex is an ideal space for your elderly loved ones, in-laws and teenagers. This offers independence and assisted living as you will be able to monitor their activities everyday within your property. This will help teenagers who like messing around and making noise develop a transition and independence to live on their own.
  • It is sometimes used as a guest house
Having a separate cottage for a guest in your house provides excellent time for them to spend on their own. The feeling of comfort would be offered to the guest by putting extra furniture and features on the log cabin.
  • Use as a home office
Perhaps this is the most important uses of granny annex. This provides more freedom and flexibility when working for a home based job. With the easy accessibility right through your property, this space eliminates the traveling options and encourages a worker to work productively being away from interruptions.
  • Created for a home gym
The size and design of a granny annex may vary depending on the homeowner’s preferences. This is one great way to house your dumbbells, barbells, treadmill and elliptical machines for your daily fitness regimen. This will eliminate the hassle of going out to have your exercises in the gym. This enough space can be a perfect place for doing cardio, kickboxing and yoga.
  • Some people use this as an additional place for entertainment purposes
You may install a granny annex in your backyard where you can privately hear your favorite music and with which you dance. This is also great to be used as a billiard room and other indoor sports. The flat can be a safety gathering place for your friends and a space to put up your collections of favorite things.
Granny annexes are extensions in your home which can either be attached or detached from your house. Those that are attached to the house are more likely considered as guest houses with direct access to the garden. These are usually designed with a kitchen and a bedroom. They are like the wing of the house communicating the hallway or the backdoor.

There are also granny flats that are separated from the house which are usually constructed in the garden. This provides more privacy for the occupant and continuous communication with other family members. In this situation the family can keep an eye on him while he is enjoying his freedom on the cabin.

Granny annexes are flexible properties that can serve several purposes which people would surely enjoy. There are several types of granny annexes available today and they can be fitted with the right plumbing and electrical services the same way as your home. If you are planning to have one at home, you can start setting the layout so that you will know which design or model is appropriate for your place. Be sure that you will consider the security and convenience of the place for its occupants.

Author bio: Rhea is an experienced business woman who sets up her office at home. She likes to be working while being around her children. But she constructed a granny annex in her place for privacy at work.
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