Dec 1, 2012

Lo and behold! It’s winter! Home Improvement Ideas for Your Home

Are you feeling trapped indoors during the cold, long winter months? Flicking through old magazines, watching re-runs of old sitcoms on the TV and being a couch potato while munching on bag after bag of potato chips? Why not get constructive and do something to brighten up your living space (AND your mood) this cold season? These home improvement projects are easy and sure to cozy up your home in a jiffy.

Repaint your house
Do you find the existing paint in your house rather drab? Mix things up with a brand new paint job! Always think of the mood and feel you’d like to create in the room before deciding on a new color. You might want a bedroom to be soothing and relaxing or intimate and restful. The rule of thumb is to go with soft, cool colors for a soothing ambiance and stronger, brighter colors to add drama.

Re-carpet your home
There’s really so much you can do with carpeting- your choice of fabrics, colors, designs, patterns, shapes and sizes are endless; giving you ample room to go out all out with your home improvement plans. If you’re yearning for change, consider bold patterns and block colors to add life to the room. Conversely, if you already have bright and vibrant furniture, you could tone it down by adding a neutral or pastel shaded carpet. And for all the cold mornings when you want to avoid slipping out of your warm bed and onto the cold floor, you could add a rug or a carpet under a bed!

Decorate your mantel!
The cold season happens to coincide with the festive season of Christmas! This is a perfect opportunity to change things up a bit when it comes to decorating your mantel. Bring out old family albums and frame some of your favorites. You could use large, wrought-iron frames or simple and elegant wooden frames depending on your choice. Bring out the candles (and candle-stands to go with them!) and arrange them on your mantel. Large vases with season’s flowers (poinsettias! Mmm-hmm) could adorn the top of these surfaces. Come Christmas, you could string some lights and satin ribbons around them. Families with young kids could pin up their Christmas stockings too!

Get your windows replaced!
The cold season is a perfect time for window replacement. Think about cozying up in a window seat with a warm cup of coffee and your favorite book. Beautiful bay windows could make a fabulous addition to your home and think of all the warm sunlight you’re letting in! Opt for energy efficient windows and save on the energy and heating bills associated with the winter by keeping the heat in!

Add insulation to your home
In the winter you want to save energy and increase your comfort. After all, you DO spend most of your time indoors! So start with insulating the attic and upper basement walls. Seal up all the places from where cold air can flow into the warm space of your home.

The cold season is a perfect time for home improvement projects. Not only do you get to pretty up your home, but you also get to add to its value. Now that you know this, don’t wait to start on your home improvement project!

About the author: Althea Crowe has worked for 6 years as a real estate agent.  Her interest in interior decoration and home improvement led her to pick up practical tips on home repairs and renovations. From replacement windows and doors to siding, roofing, landscaping, re-modeling patio rooms and sun rooms, Althea shares her knowledge through articles that she hopes will provide her readers with the information they’re looking for.
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