Dec 20, 2012

3 Things to Note When Buying Above Ground Pools

Who doesn’t fancy lying on the deck and sun-bathing! If you want to enjoy the benefits of having a swimming pool in your place so that you and your kids can have fun splashing around in the summer, then getting above ground pools is the best option for you.

Above ground pools allow you to get a swimming pool without digging up a hole in your backyard. It is easy to get one and guarantees loads of fun. Here are four things that you need to keep in mind before you go ahead and buy an above ground swimming pool –

1.    Determine The Space You Have
The first and the most important thing that you need to determine before going ahead and spending on an above ground swimming pool, is whether you have enough space to install one. If you have a small backyard with just enough space to have a barbecue station and dry your clothes, where will you get your swimming pool installed?
However, if your backyard is large enough and can easily fit a new swimming pool, then go ahead. Remember that you need to have space for sitting around and moving without any obstacle

2.    Check To See Whether You Can Have A Pump Line For The Pool Water
After you install the pool in your yard, you have to regularly change the water. You have to ensure this because otherwise, it will get dirty and encourage growth of algae on the bottom of the pool. To change water regularly you have to pump out the used water and fill in with fresh water. You have to install a water line for this purpose.
Make sure you can install the line. You wouldn’t want to have a large empty pool in your yard. Make sure that the released water is drained out properly without any water logging in your yard.

3.    Necessary Tools For The Pool
You will require some tools to properly maintain and enhance your experience of the pool. Your pool maintenance kit should have a net or skimmer to collect the debris that fall on the pool and chemicals to keep away algae and to prevent the water from becoming stale and smelling. You will also require a hose to fill and remove water.
You should always keep a check on the water level inside the pool. If there is excess water, it will spill over the brim when somebody gets in. You will need to keep a tab on the water level to check whether the pool is leaking. For this, get auto water fillers.

Follow the above points and be sure to be safe. Buy the pool and have fun.  Also, research a lot. Going ahead and buying a pool without any research is completely imprudent. These pools are expensive and before you decide to invest in one, you should see which materials are durable and where you can get a good price deal.
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