Dec 11, 2012

A Wide Range of Choice in a European Walking Holiday

Each year thousands venture into the world on a walking holiday. While there are top walking holiday destinations the world over, Europe remains a leader in this type of trip. With varied landscapes across numerous countries, Europe can make an unforgettable experience.
The Landscapes of the World
From city to countryside, the world is a vast and varied place. With so much on offer, it is little surprise, therefore, that each year millions take leave from their home nations to explore new destinations and locations. Beyond the urban attractions that come with city breaks, each and every country also has rural landscapes that offer a diverse range of surroundings, from forests to mountains to vast expanses of desert sands.

The Joys of a Walking Holiday
Walking holidays offer a chance to explore and a chance at freedom that is not offered by other types of vacation. Walking holidays really are voyages of discovery, with something new to be seen each day.

Walking holidays can be undertaken by anyone, from novice to seasoned rambler. In particular, for those less adventurous or less confident, guided tours can provide the perfect solution. With an experienced guide leading a small group, hikers will be familiarised with their surroundings and slowly grow in confidence as they learn about the world around them. Even better, they will be privy to inside information that only locals would know- more than could ever hope to be achieved on a regular holiday.

Walking Holidays in Europe
Europe is a fantastic continent for any number of reasons. With approximately fifty countries spanning from Portugal in the west to the former Soviet Bloc in the east and including a wide selection of island states, there is a lot for any traveller to explore. One of the most culture and history rich areas in the world, a never-ending stream of people pass through the continent's cities each year.

Beyond its urban centres, Europe also offers a great selection of rural landscape for anyone looking for a more active holiday. Such terrain is ideal for a walking holiday and can offer anything from a leisurely few days of village hopping in the warmer climates of southern Europe to more hardcore camping treks in the Alps.

The Best of the Best
Naturally, as with anything, there are particular European walking holidays that stand out from the pack. France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Eastern Mediterranean are all hotspots that should be explored at least once by any keen walker. The Alsace wine trail, Brittany's Emerald Coast, the iconic Amalfi coastline and the clear watered island walks of the Greek Isles. These are just a select few walking holidays that, from culture to the views, offer the best to be had.

Walking holidays are a fantastic way to explore the world and take a step beyond the traditional tourist trails. Whilst every continent offers something special to explore, Europe in particular has a number of destinations perfect for a walking holiday whether long or short, strenuous or leisurely.

Adriana Frederick writes for a number of blogs and websites on the subjects of travel and activity holidays. Most recently she has lent her time to trekking the walking trails of Europe, many of which are to be found at
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