Dec 22, 2012

Strengthen Neighbourly Friendships by Playing Online Games with Them

You may live in a community where your neighbours are part of your daily life, you may even have become good friends over the years. There are people whoever who don't experience this kinship and one way to combat this is to involve online games. 
Here's how: 

1, Preschoolers 
If you live in a street or village where there are other children of a pre school age, why not get together once a week to play with the kids and enjoy a little bit of adult conversation too? Most people have smart phones and tablets these days so encourage your neighbours to bring them along and you can engage in some educational games with the children. Games that involve learning words and numbers are really stimulating for little minds and the host house could provide coffee and cakes. 

2, After School Club
Why not give your neighbour an afternoon off every now and again and offer to have her children after school? Perhaps the children can work together on their homework, have a bite to eat and play some free online games for kids after supper. This will not only leave your neighbour feeling forever in your gratitude but is likely to form a new friendship amongst the kids. 

3, Pub Quiz
It's not always possible to get some adult time out of the house but why should that mean that you can't get in on the fun? There are plenty of free online games for kids but also lots for adults too. Why not link up online with your neighbours for an online pub quiz, You could take it in turns to donate a bottle of wine or box of chocolates as a prize and maybe even treat yourself to a beer whilst playing.  

4, Dad time
Dad's need down time too. Online games are a great way to actually socialise and by making buddy's with other Dad's in the area it is likely to pave the way to social engagements galore. Believe it or not, shoot 'em ups are good for the hand-eye co-ordination which may come in handy when doing those chores around the home too. 

5, Seniors
With the integration of the family friendly game consoles and the boom of 'silver surfers', online games can be a really good way for older folks to get some social interaction whilst keeping their minds young and active. This can actually be a pretty vital lifeline for those who do not have frequent visitors or struggle to get out of their homes on a regular basis. Word and mathematical based games are crucial in keeping the brain ticking over. 

So next time you dismiss online games as something that you can't justify yourself doing, have a look at the wider picture as it may just be doing you some good. Who knows, it could even lead to some new lifelong friendships, make you the flavour of the month amongst the neighbours and even give your social life a bit of a boost! 

Sarah J. writes regular features on free online games for kids and online technology with a keen interest in kid's entertainment. Her work has been featured on a large number of websites and blogs and her background in computing further fuels her passion for the industry.
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