Dec 1, 2012

Parking Practicalities at Gatwick Airport


This article provides a helpful guide for all those wishing to use parking facilities at Gatwick Airport. Offering a concise and clear outline of what options are available this is just the thing for travellers in a hurry. For both long and short stay information read on.

When it comes to making the most of a holiday or taking the stress out of an important business trip it helps to have thought ahead about where best to park and what parking option suits your travel needs most.

Parking at Gatwick Airport is made simple and easy with a range of options open to travellers, including a regular booking service to help avoid problems on arrival. With each car park carrying a Park Mark award visitors can be assured of a high quality service and secure parking facilities.

Short stay
For short stay visits passengers can park close to the terminals, with multi-storey options providing sheltered parking with CCTV monitoring. For short stay parking at Gatwick airport that comes with added convenience and ease consider using the parking areas allocated at both North and South Terminals. These spaces are especially useful if you're picking up friends or relations. Car park 3 (orange) is the nearest to arrivals in the South Terminal and car park 6 is the nearest to arrivals in the North Terminal.

For those needing a quick place to drop off friends or family there are parking spaces near the terminal forecourt. However this is a drop area only and it is worth noting that no waiting is allowed. Visitors to these car parks benefit from better rates in the evening, with parking after 5pm and up to 2am in the South Terminal Short Stay Car Park costing just  12.50. Special rates are available for stays of less than three hours, although these parking rates require advance booking.

Long stay
For secure long stay options the Long Stay North car park is the perfect way to keep things simple and easy. This car park is located close to the North Terminal and provides high levels of security, including regular patrols, CCTV and security fencing.

It might be worth booking a space in advance, however it's possible to turn up on the day of your departure. Once you've parked, taken your keys and are ready to find your flight, all you need do is wait for the coach to take you to the terminal. Coaches run every ten minutes and take around five minutes to get to the terminal.

Alternatively, make the most of airport hotel and parking deals and stay the night before you travel to ensure you are fully rested and ready to enjoy your trip. With budget and luxury hotels available there's a deal to suit everyone.

Safe and secure
No one takes security more seriously than Gatwick and with well maintained, well-lit and well staffed car parks it's easy to feel happy and relaxed before you start your journey. For complete peace of mind make the most of the valet service offered on site.

Simply drop your car off at the valet area and walk straight in to and through, your check in. On return your car will be ready and waiting for you. Keys are kept safe and secure by fully insured staff.

With so much care and attention to detail Gatwick demonstrates it's listening to customers and delivering what they want. So before you travel take a little time to think about what you want and what suits you best and plan your trip with this in mind.

Anna Mathews is a regular contributor to holiday and travel blogs. Covering topics such as safe and secure travel and self catering breaks abroad Anna has a breadth of knowledge that includes travel to and parking at Gatwick airport. Not one to simply listen and learn, Anna writes from personal travel experience.
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